Omega digi-world council member report February - April

Adeshola Adeshina (Realshozy)

Hi creatives

Here is the overview of my activities as the Council member in charge of graphics design for the period of February to April. During this time, I created three graphics artworks with the aim of garnering social media attention.

In addition to my responsibilities, I also took on the task of onboarding two new members to our dao. As part of this process, I created three new wallets and two Near social accounts for the newly onboarded members. This allowed them to seamlessly integrate into our digital ecosystem.

Near wallet created :

Near social created

However, I encountered a minor setback in my design delivery between March and April due to technical issues with my laptop. This was an unforeseen circumstance and the first time such an issue occurred. I want to assure the creative that the problem has been resolved, and I am confident that it will not impact future outstanding deliveries.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support


THIS WAS an impressive job

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