New version HRAs (Human readable address)

Human Readable address.

Hello there :slight_smile:
I’m a search engine optimizer and web developer from Iran.

In this topic, I wanna share my idea about a New version of a human-readable address with u (:

As you know HRA is a NEAR wallet address shortener and a domain too.
so we can use it instead of our long wallet address…

Now the main idea is to use conventional domains instead of “user1.near”

what is that mean exactly?
imagine we have full access to this domain:
instead of user1.near we can make a subdomain for user1 so the result will be

what is the difference?
In the beginning (a link shortener) did that with a long URL address and it’s in rank 1 of the google search.
If we do the above idea we can earn links easily by users and this will be an organic advertisement system :slight_smile:

if a user shares his domain on any website such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or medium (any website !) we will earn a higher ranking in search engines.

what is the advantage of this New HRA?

  1. helping in SEO
    (what is link earning?
    Link earning is about as simple as the term: you are earning a link from another website that felt something you had to share was worthy of sharing with their audience.
    These earned links help you get listed higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs))
    higher search engine ranking = High-Quality Website Traffic

  2. If anybody doesn’t know what is that domain (user1 .Near .com) is by clicking on that will be redirected to our website so it’s a more straightforward protocol than user1.near for branding

  3. organic and low-cost advertisements

There are too many use cases for that (Like NFT gallery, Chrome extension …) but the easiest one just using that for shorting wallet addresses. Depends on u

sorry for my poor English :slight_smile: I did my best to transfer my mean …


Not helping to the SEO part of the post for boosting, but something similar already exists, check web4:


That’s great having you in here @marcelo :grin:

absolutely don’t need SEO because it’s in the top ranking.
I used the domain just for example it can be anything like / /

imagine you are a follower of below user @LEO12345 and don’t know what is near.
could you let me know which one of these images can help u to get more information about near?
Image 1:
The first version of the wallet address which is generated by the trust wallet

Image 2:
The active version of this address is used by a whole number of users …

Image 3:
The new idea

As u can see the third one is a Near wallet address and it is a webpage URL too.
( is just an example domain… it’s a huge risk using that idea in the main domain)

Users who don’t know what is by clicking on this wallet address will be redirected to a browser-supported domain.

The result page will be some things like this (example):

Will this make difference? :upside_down_face:


@FT037 I like the idea. This could be potentially added to the wallet as I think something like that already existed, but I can’t find it now.


Sounds good :grin:
Hope to be useful and helps the community