NEKO & Cheddar - MEME's Team Up!

The NEKO and Cheddar teams are pleased to announce our long-term partnership. Both projects are focused on onboarding the next 1 Billion users on NEAR.

As “Drop Zones” for NEKO’s MEME Token and Cheddar’s Learn, Farm, Play model, this is an ideal partnership. Both teams will support each other’s mission to help onboard and maintain user engagement on NEAR.

To kick off the epic partnership, NEKO has pledged a whopping 10M NEKO tokens to be farmed on Cheddar through the end of NEARCON and the month of September. The farm will also provide rewards in Cheddar.

The NEKO token is current pre-IDO, so it does not actively have a price.

It looks like Cats and Mice can get along after all.:grinning: Stay tuned for more details on future partnership endeavors from both teams.


Let’s go!!! :clap: It’s time for the NEAR community to come together and PUMP IT UP for the memes :smile_cat:

We hope to see you all farming some NEKO with us :farmer:

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Time to put our NEKO to work! :farmer:

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