NEAR Meet Ahmedabad: Getting Started with Web3 Developement

  1. Title: NEAR Ahemdabad: Getting Started with Web3 Development

  2. Organizers: Pratik Parmar(@thchosenone)

  3. Date & Time: 9th April, 2022 / Time 5-7 PM

  4. Location: Zen Cafe, Ahmedabad (Google Maps)

  5. Description: Ahmedabad is the biggest city in the state of Gujarat with the highest number of techies. We want to host a casual meetup to discuss transitioning from web2 to web3.

  6. Agenda:

  7. What is NEAR

  8. Getting started with web3

  9. Transitioning from web2 to web3

  10. Link:


  1. Organizer compensation: USD 50

  2. Food and beverages for participants: USD 50

  3. Wallet Opening and incentive: 1N x 15 = 15 N

  4. Total Budget Required: USD 365

  5. Metrics

  6. What do you expect to happen?

  7. We expect the participants to learn about web3 and kickstart their journey to learn about NEAR from NEAR University.

  8. How do you define success?

    • Number of wallets opened: 15
    • Number of participants who learned about NEAR: 15
  9. How will this amount help you to achieve success?

  10. This amount will be spent to compensate organizers and open wallets for participants.

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