NEAR Foundation Grant Application - January 2022

In the scope of the new tiering system the Marma J Foundation will apply for a grant. You can find all the relevant informations in this post.


The Marma J Foundation leverages web3 technology for social good. Our goal is to spread love and positivity by developing and managing various projects that support the open web ecosystem: About Marma J Foundation with Chloe - YouTube


The vision of the Marma J Foundation is to empower our growing community through our DAO initiatives. Our goal is to leverage the tools developed within the NEAR ecosystem and bring them together to clearly showcase how they can be used by the Marma J Foundation Community.


The purpose and objectives of the marmaj DAO are to:

  1. Onboard users to the web3 space

  2. Educate our community about web3 technology, tools, and platforms

  3. Create opportunities and incentives for community members to create and contribute to


  1. Support projects and initiatives that align with our mission

  2. Use $marmaj as a means to educate and showcase the power of Web3 primitives

  3. Efficiently showcase the value of onboarding these primitives (guides/workshops)

  4. Efficiently utilise these primitives as an example for others to follow/emulate

  5. Build new primitives as middleware to enhance the effectiveness of established ones


To support the objectives of the marmaj DAO, our roadmap is as follows:

January 2022

● Establish the Marma J Foundation’s mission, vision, objectives and roadmap

● Formally apply for a grant from the NEAR Foundation

● Expand the DAO’s core contributing team

Get Mainnet validator online

● Establish staking pool

February 2022

● Create Valentines Day 3xr Gallery to raise funds for maksimj.near who is currently

undergoing cancer treatment in Toronto, Canada, Mintbase store is set up here.


● Focus on NFT creation, including the Marmaj Chan project into lore and animation

● Attempt to get delegation from the NEAR Foundation for the marmaj validator


● Plan to add token-weighted governance with the $marmaj token


● Start building the physical presence for the Marma J Foundation

Additional goals:

Supporting the community by the collection, creation & curation of NFTs and working with 3xr


● Create educational resources for those who are interested in web3 technology and NEAR ecosystem Dapps (previous examples can be found here)

● Onboard users to NEAR

● Create and support projects within the NEAR ecosystem


Budget: $8,000 USD/month

Funds will be used to purchase $marmaj tokens from Ref Finance which will be transferred to the marmaj DAO. These funds will be distributed to support the Marma J Foundation’s objectives and initiatives. Any unspent funds will remain in the DAO account to be used for subsequent projects. Eventually, the plan is for Q3 2022, $marmaj token holders will have control over decision making of the marmaj DAO. That decision making also covers all of the funds in the treasury.

What experience and capabilities do you and members of the Guild bring?

Previous work in support of the NEAR Ecosystem:

How do you engage in the NEAR Community, who are your connections, who do you frequently interact with.

The marmaj Guild generally interacts with the NEAR community through social media (twitter/telegram) and through the marmaj DAO. We have a large artist/creative community and the marmaj Guild leverages that community to help complete proposed projects. As well, we generally interface a lot with many other creative guilds in the NEAR ecosystem as well as many communities who are building on Astro DAO technology.

Does the Guild have a DAO? Please add the DAO’s link

Is the DAO or the Guild a registered legal entity?

It currently is not but we are planning on registering a legal entity in the future, as the DAO expands.

Name some of the NEAR Projects you have worked with or support with your work

Mintbase,, Astro DAO, NEARhub, Paras


I wish maskimj a speedy recovery and hope to see him soon active nd healthy


Thank you so much for your support in getting this together @tabear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for your hard work and support, and for putting this together Tabea!