Near Digital Collective : Grassroots DAO/Project Report Template

Dear Community!

House of Merit is happy to present the Grassroots DAO/Project Report Template:

Section 1 - DAO/Project Overview

  • Organization Name (e.g. DAO, project, initiative name):
  • Proposal Title:
  • Reporting Period:
  • DAO’s Category (Ecosystem/Gaming/NFT/Regional Development/Marketing):
  • Project’s Category (Community Led, Gaming/NFT/Defi etc):

Section 2 - Funding and Financials

  • Funding Received: (Details of funding amount, source, and date received)
  • Budget Utilization: (Overview of how the funds were allocated and spent)
    • Allocated Budget vs. Actual Spending: (Comparison for each Task/Milestone)
    • Financial Summary: (Include a table or list of expenditures)

Section 3 - Progress and Milestones

  • Project Objectives: (Reiterate the objectives as stated in the application)
  • Completed Milestones: (List the milestones achieved during the reporting period)
  • In-Progress Activities: (Details of ongoing activities and expected completion dates)

Section 4 - Impact and Outcomes

  • Achievements: (Key successes and how they contribute to the NDC’s goals)
  • Testimonials/Stories: (Optional, but can include user stories or community feedback)

Section 5 - Community and Engagement

  • Community Growth: (Statistics on community size and engagement before and after)
  • Social Media and Distribution Channels: (Updates on activity and engagement metrics)
  • Events and Outreach: (Details of any community events, workshops, or outreach programs)

Section 6 - Roadmap and Future Plans

  • Updated Roadmap: (Revised roadmap based on progress and learning)
  • Future Goals and Objectives: (Long-term plans and how they align with NDC’s vision)
  • Continued Funding Needs: (If applicable, outline plans for future funding rounds)

Section 7 - Appendix

  • Additional Documentation: (Include any additional documents or links to work, such as presentations, articles, or media coverage)
  • Team Contributions: (Highlight specific contributions from team members if relevant)
  • Anticipated Challenges: Possible roadblocks to success and strategies to address them.

Quick Note for DAOs: This template’s for sharing your monthly progress and challenges in NDC. Every DAO’s unique, so feel free to tweak it to best reflect your journey and insights.