Muti funding music recording projects

Im a celebrity music producer in Nigeria which have produced the likes of OLAKIRA , DAVIDO, ZUCHU & LYTA. Coming to the NFTs space 4 months ago made me the first NFT producer in africa, i have over 13k followers on Ig @sterryoofficial I dropped my first NFT project 4 months ago CREATED CREATOR since i joined the space and dropped exclusive NFT projects, my colleagues have been wondering what magic NFT could make, now i want to start featuring influential celebrities here, making Exclusive NFT projects, creating NEAR wallet for them and on-boarding them into ecosystem making MUTI front-lining in the Nigerian music scene
i want this project to have been ready by 20 DECEMBER 2021 and minted

First i wanna do 4 tracks EP featuring MATANGA AND LARKIM

Thanks for supporting my dreams in making afrobeats NFTs and on-boarding Nigerian celebrities

ill be needing a total sum $500 to carry out this project

Studio Booking $100
Production $100
Guitar $50
Sax $50
Mixing & Mastering $100
Artwork $50
Wellfare $50

Wallet : sterryo.near


Hey @sterryo , thanks for the request!
The project looks great. Just a few bits of feedback for you from the muti team:

  • This would fall under our muti:rec project, so the best place to post the proposal would be in the thread here.
  • some more details on the recording process (ie. studio hours / location with links)
  • list of team members to be onboarded, each of these would preferably get paid their share into their own near walllets
  • It would be cool to have these minted in the nft store with the artworks, this would be with our usual artist/dao split of 75% to the artist, 25% to muti

Thanks! If you have any other questions, let me know


okay, thank so much @ted.iv definitely on-boarding each NIgerian music celebrities involving in the project, and the NFT is gonna be minted with muti,

pls after this project is done, who do i send it to for minting?

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