Multi transactions on frontend

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well.
I’m building an NFT staking platform, and I’m facing difficulties.
Our platform can stake one NFT, but not multiple NFTs.
So I have to send many transactions at once on Frontend and process them in contract.
We have no any backend like Node or Laravel, only frontend.
I have already used this example of doc Common Use Cases | NEAR Documentation
And then I knew that is possible on backend.
If you know about it, Please give me solution…:slight_smile:

I think Discord is more suited for this type of questions.
Anyways, the example you linked sends multiple actions in ONE transaction. It does NOT send multiple transactions. One transaction on NEAR can have multiple function calls on the same target contract. However, the total gas consumed by those calls is subject to the gas limits of one transaction. For multiple transactions you have to call signAndSendTransactions(). Here’s an example from wallet-selector

Hi Chluff
Thanks so very much!

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