Monthly Report [October - November] : Free Horses and Sona Protocol

Hi I’m @vishx.near I’m here to submit my monthly report as a promoter for Free-Horses-Dao Nft. For October/November, i feel very privileged to be among the promoters of free horses.

Here are the states for 21 october to 21 november.

Here are the details of my work in the spreadsheet.

I’m also among the active members of the server and also participated in many activities like royal rumble, quiz, and gartic.

I look forward to keep working with you as i feel I’m very good with Shilling work and convincing people about our work and to motivate them.

I also made dms to alot of personal account about our work and made them join the server.

I also made alot of friends on this server like @Milez_dah_god @mohdabbas561 @Yaneisia

Wallet - vishx.near

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