Meta Pool on [Nigeria] during JANUARY 2024

Happy new year "2024 " to everyone. I’m pleased to present my report for the month of January 2024 :

For week one, I made
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For week two I made

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Medium blog:

For week three I made

X thread :

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For week four I made

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Info graphics:

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For week five I made


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For monthly task :

:arrow_forward:I had an AMA section on X with WOMEN in DeFi AKWAIBOM district on the fundamental concepts liquid staking on

:arrow_forward: I had an AMA session on Telegram with Oasis network Nigeria district on the fundamentals of LSTs from MetaPool, and possiblity of future collab between Meta Pool and Oasis network.

:arrow_forward:I had an AMA session with Areon network Nigeria, in which we educate ourselves on DeFi diversification, and how liquid staking on helps.

Conclusion: This month was a difficult month, but it has certainly helped in connecting with lot of communities.