[May] Muti: Twitter manager: Candidate is found

Hi Sandboxers and NEARians,

We are excited to invite you for the collaboration with MUTI! :potted_plant:

Brief Description of Project

Muti is a cultural collective and DAO based in Portugal that works with other DAOs and

projects within the ecosystem. Muti’s main goal is to support artists and creativity whilst using the tech of web3.

Brief Description of Project Opportunity

The project is looking for a contributor to support our social media presence on Twitter for the next 2-3 months. Also, the extension to other social networks is planned. The project has a bot that connects all our Tweets to our TG group which is very helpful for upcoming online events and news.


  • one daily tweet & retweet
  • main priority: highlight already existent content (such as our youtube playlist, artists, NFTs)
  • a reminder of events – creating the number of followers through the right hashtags and links
  • writing monthly reports

Required Skills

  • English fluency
  • Experience in SMM and marketing
  • Event and Promotional Planning and Analysis
  • Web Analytics & Reporting
  • Blog, Website, & Press Release Copywriting
  • Experience in other social networks i.e. Telegram and Discord

Favourable Skills

  • as Muti is based in Portugal, the Portuguese language is a plus

Additional information

  • Muti’s team will be running physical events from the end of May – the end of August therefore the main focus is to gain more followers and showcase existing work on a digital level with someone that is experienced in Twitter management





Next steps for you!

Are you interested in the project? Find it on our Project Dashboard and apply for it there.

Have a nice day, from the OWS team.


Good morning, MUTI Dao received grant from Marketing DAO
for Twitter account management

Dear @tabear @ted.iv could you please give some comments? Thank You


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Hey @Dacha,

You might be not aware in changing in the business model of OWS. We are growing and providing improved services to projects. Starting from May, projects cover expenses on contributors from their budgets + fees to OWS

As I can see, the proposal to transfer the first installment to OWS DAO is already on MUTI’s dao, that is perfectly aligned with we were talking about today

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Hello Dacha, we were just going to send a reply as our conversation with OWS just finished today.

We will use the grant received from marketing to pay the service of the new Twitter manager once he/she has been found, obviously, there will not be a double payment.

As muti will be working on physical events from July- end of August and as we see how important it is to work with Twitter and the correct hashtags to increase the followers, we decided to ask OWS to find someone who is experienced with it and available throughout this time. So all funds requested by the Marketing Vertical will be used as stated in the request.

Good morning, ok, I didn’t know about it and disagree with paying “ $150 “fees” to the OWS team for middleman service.

MUTI DAO didn’t mention about it in their proposal either.

@marketingdao-council approved $250 a month directly to Muti DAO social media strategist.

Attn: @mecsbecs

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Hello @Dacha, please have a look at my previous comment. Also, as mentioned in our Marketing proposals we have until now created all our visuals, social media schedule, posts etc. Even when FR was supporting, we created all the content ourselves and just asked for support for promoting the NFT projects.

Given the restructuring of our DAO in terms of work distribution, we decided to request help for this position. We have been deliberating about this in the last 2 weeks after our marketing proposal had been sent.

The way we envisioned this was to use the Marketing funds (in the case of twitter 250 DAI per month) to pay to the responsible person, regardless if it would be someone from the muti council/team or external support. The fees for OWS would be paid from a muti buffer or in this case 50 DAI from the marketing support and the 200 DAI for the Twitter manager. We did not mention this in our Marketing proposal because
a) at the time this decision was not clear yet and
b) we also only knew about the OWS fee after contacting them directly. We understand that OWS also wants to become more self-sustainable and do not know their funding structure so at this point, in order to find a suitable Twitter manager, we were up to pay this fee.

This just to clarify that the budget requested from Marketing will be used as stated (IG, FB, Twitter etc.) just that instead of the council managing it will be a contributor from OWS if they are able to find one.

Please let us know in case this is creating confusion. In case this is not possible due to the requested funds, we’d be happy to get a suggestion on how to branch out our social media team and find a suitable contributor.

I have no questions for newbie people in Near Community who are looking for help, and outsourcing companies like OWS can help them. But I’m afraid I disagree with spending community money on “fees” when you have experienced team members in Muti DAO; one of them now is Creative DAO mod. It’s not a big deal to find a great community strategist without middleman service. We have millions of active members in the Near community. Give them a chance.


@Dacha thank you for being so precise.
However, all projects experienced the same main issue: lack of time. As an expert in the human resources in the NEAR ecosystem, OWS provides not only an active search for candidates but also interviews them and filters those who fit more. As an OWS project manager, I can say that we are dealing with tens of applications for every project, and only a few of them fit the requirements.
Also, we provide management service, so we will collect feedback on the contributor and help to solve issues, in case it will be needed.
Above all, we give awareness through posting on our social networks.
I can say that especially mature projects apply for our services, as the requirements are high, and time is limited. You can see for example, that last month we collaborated with Flying Rhinos, and NEAR Insider.

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For me, it’s double payments for companies that position themselves as “ marketing professionals and community strategists team builders.
Instead of pay “fees,” we can hire another person from the tremendous Near community.

About Flying Rhino, their “clients” can work directly with Marketing DAO. We kill three birds with one stone:

  • saving community money on the middleman service;
  • growing own community strategists;
  • involving more Near members in community life;

I told about it here :

Furthermore, as I know, many companies like Datality and others decided to stop working with Flying Rhino because they weren’t satisfied with their service.

If Muti DAO leadership doesn’t have enough time to run the DAO, they can hire another person or step out from some DAOs (Ina, Lens, Daocubator, Garden Collective, etc.) and put more attention on work in Muti DAO.


Thank you for your comments and insights.
On that note, from our side looking for a Twitter manager through OWS was a way to include the community and target specifically someone who has experience in this area and enjoys this task and possibly even speaks Portuguese as we are based in Portugal. I agree with not wasting funds on simply a middleman but given that none of us are marketing specialists we came to the conclusion that someone who has more experience than us working in this would help the growth of the DAO. In this case, it is not only about time but also about knowledge in this specific area. And seeing that other DAOs also have used the OWS services and seemed satisfied with it, we would have given it a go.

As for our time management and the other DAOs that you have mentioned, you can see that I founded INA DAO but am now only in an advisor role to give guidance if needed (as the idea was to have the project community-run and with a rotating council), same applies for LENS once the DAO is established and I’ll move to an advisor, Garden Collective has been a physical project existing long before it entered NEAR and DAOcubator has been entered through invitation. And as mentioned before, specifically in social media we think that it is mainly about knowledge at this point.

We do put a lot of work in muti and not everything is directly visible in the forum nor rewarded with funds as our goal is to support the artistic community. We’re looking forward to feedback to understand if this can move forward or if this is creating any issues, so that we have the chance and time to change our strategy.


Excellent opportunities to NEAR Community, the NEARverse!

Would you like to work directly with Muti DAO and get $250 monthly rewards for your work?


Hello @Dacha

Sure! my main language is Spanish and English I am learning every day! I hope that not be a barrier

Here I left for all my twitter handle NearMultiverse | nearmultiverse.near (@NearMultiverse) / Twitter

Thank you for your consideration!

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Thank you for your interest. We are looking for someone experienced with Twitter to communicate in English and possibly Portuguese. Feel free to send your CV to muti.collective@gmail.com if you’d like.


Dear Dacha,

just as a last note on this, to clarify:

All marketing funds requested will be used as mentioned in our budget: to reward the contributors, for ads , content etc.
The extra fees which apply for asking OWS will be covered by the muti DAO buffer, as we are aware that we did not include them in the budget (as we did not know at the time of sending it that we would be looking for someone new). In my opinion, the funds will therefore be used correctly to reward someone helping with the posts, regardless of where they come from (muti, OWS or even any other community member) - as it comes down to a qualified human supporting the DAO with their services.

And seeing that other DAOs such as MarmaJ for example, which also works with FR btw, is highly satisfied with OWS contributors, we feel this would not be a bad choice - OWS works with the NEAR community as well and even gives the security of being able to give feedback and a “warranty” for their contributors. Feel free to check out the Marma J contributors’ chat or book a meeting with me if there are any other doubts regarding this matter.

Thank you and have a great day.

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Ok, thanks. But I wouldn’t say I like the idea spend community money on fees and rewards for outsourcing companies in these cases. I review these kind of proposals very meticulously. We can pay more to our great community members without “addition” service companies.

I understand that thought and completely agree.

From how I see it tho, OWS works with the community members and is able to filter out. As every community member is also able to apply as a contributor for OWS and receive gigs. That is why we thought of OWS, as we consider it part of the NEAR community. In case I understand that wrong, please feel free to correct.

And again, the fees for OWS would be paid from the muti buffer, not from the requested Marketing Budget.
Regardless, I do feel we have the same goal which is to support the community while helping DAOs to grow and educate about web3 and NEAR.


@Dacha I totally agree with what you said. The number of subcontractors(Middleman service.) in the Near Community should be reduced. Subcontractors generally want 2-3 times the salary of the employee as a service fee in recruitment.
We’ve seen a lot of examples of this in the Near ecosystem in the past.

Also I agree @AnaNastya
For a quality service, an agreement can be made with the middleman service at a suitable price. This service also includes a consultation.

  • As a solution, employees at OWS might be paid salaries, and the NF pays them. In this way, incoming projects can receive service without paying any fee.

Thank you for your comments, they raise important questions in the context of the whole community :rocket:
I would like to add some points about our activities.
The whole year we were working on the creation of our database, which consisted of community members with different skills. I agree with you, that the NEAR ecosystem is full of talents but we need to filter them and match them with the right project.
We are definitely insiders of the Near ecosystem, and our main goal is to bring value and be useful to the ecosystem. I would like to point out our educational and mentorship programs. Many people from our database are contributors who started their first projects with us and achieved much more in the ecosystem.
Building this level of trust and quality requires a lot of time and effort. We spend hours interviewing and finding the right people, as well as optimizing our processes and providing better services.
In comparison with any other outsourcing companies, we provide fair and transparent prices (we can have an additional discussion on it if needed).
I have no doubts that it is possible to find a nice candidate through the community. However, it will take time, and the result is not guaranteed. So why don’t give the responsibility to professionals?
Next week we will have an AMA session to explain all of it in detail, I will be happy to see you there :shamrock:



Thank you so much! @Dacha too for you!