Master account can't create in Terminal

Trying to create Masteraccount in Terminal in NEAR, but there’s shown [必須の引数が見つかりません:masterAccount] ([Required argument not found: masterAccount])

I’d just started learning Rust, but I’ve been experienced C and Javascript for about two month. Installed Hardhat and I can write some codes by following some instructions. I’ve used to develop my app in Nocode so I’d know a basic database knowledges.

Now I’m trying to build smart contract in NEAR by using Rust, but it doesn’t work.

I’m using this tutorial Figment Learn | How to write and deploy a smart contract in Rust and already installed NEAR CLI and Rust, and already done until chapter “Deploying the contract”

I did this command:

near create-account CONTRACT_NAME.ACCOUNT_ID --masterAcount ACCOUNT_ID --initialBalance 10

Then expected result is as follows:
Saving key to ‘/home/xxx/.near-credentials/testnet/CONTRACT_NAME.ACCOUNT_ID.json’
Account CONTRACT_NAME.ACCOUNT_ID.testnet for network “testnet” was created.

And as the instruction says “For example, assuming your current account_id on near testnet is fido.testnet and you’d like to name the contract dodo then you’ll end up creating the following new account_id which will stand for the contract_id.”

So I changed the command above to this:
near create-account test.dragonrapper.testnet --masterAcount dragon rapper.testnet --initialBalance 10

(dragonrapper.testnet is my NEAR account name)

But it doesn’t work, show like this:
kazt@Marengo src % near create-account test.dragonrapper.testnet --masterAcount dragon rapper.testnet --initialBalance 10
near create-account

create a new developer account (subaccount of the masterAccount, ex: app.alice.test)

–help ヘルプを表示 [真偽]
–version バージョンを表示 [真偽]
–nodeUrl, --node_url NEAR node URL [文字列] [デフォルト: “”]
–networkId, --network_id NEAR network ID, allows using different keys based on network [文字列] [デフォルト: “testnet”]
–helperUrl NEAR contract helper URL [文字列]
–keyPath Path to master account key [文字列]
–accountId, --account_id Unique identifier for the newly created account [文字列] [必須]
–useLedgerKey Use Ledger for signing with given HD key path [文字列] [デフォルト: “44’/397’/0’/0’/1’”]
–seedPhrase Seed phrase mnemonic [文字列]
–seedPath HD path derivation [文字列] [デフォルト: “m/44’/397’/0’”]
–walletUrl Website for NEAR Wallet [文字列]
–contractName Account name of contract [文字列]
–masterAccount Account used to create requested account. [文字列] [必須]
–helperAccount Expected top-level account for a network [文字列]
-v, --verbose Prints out verbose output [真偽] [デフォルト: false]
-f, --force Forcefully execute the desired action even if it is unsafe to do so [真偽] [デフォルト: false]
–publicKey Public key to initialize the account with [文字列]
–newLedgerKey HD key path to use with Ledger. Used to generate public key if not specified directly [文字列] [デフォルト: “44’/397’/0’/0’/1’”]
–initialBalance Number of tokens to transfer to newly created account [文字列] [デフォルト: “100”]

必須の引数が見つかりません: masterAccount

Although the output will be:

Saving key to ‘/home/xxx/.near-credentials/testnet/CONTRACT_NAME.ACCOUNT_ID.json’
Account CONTRACT_NAME.ACCOUNT_ID.testnet for network “testnet” was created.

How can I deal with it??

Hey @Kaz-T-entre - welcome to NEAR.

Seems that you have a typo: the flag is called --masterAccount (and you typed --masterAcount).

The following command should work:

near create-account test.dragonrapper.testnet --masterAccount dragonrapper.testnet --initialBalance 10