Keep It Local Live Presents : Metastraits Volume 3

KIL DAO just executed Volume 2 of MetaStraits and it’s got the attention of Esplanade Singapore - so we’re excited to share how Volume 3 is set to position this endeavor on a regional stage! To recap, MetaStraits pairs 2 artists from 2 different countries in Asia for each Metaverse performance to achieve a cross pollination of fans in attendance just like the model of a physical music festival.

We paired Singaporean couple duo Chris & Rachel (Chris is one of the most notable brass players in Singapore having played for Stefanie Sun, Jay Chou, Charlie Lim etc) with Malaysian artist Julio Singho. This time, beyond just cross-pollinating fans and onboarding more people into the NEAR ecosystem, we have got the attention of a potential partner, Esplanade Singapore, Singapore’s most recognizable performing arts centre.
KIL DAO has been in email talks with Esplanade Singapore since March 2022 to collaborate on a hybrid version of MetaStraits, leveraging on the metaverse performances as a means of premiering talent which can then be featured physically live on Esplanade Stages. @dreebsby has just confirmed that as of their meeting at 3pm on Tuesday 5 July 2022, Esplanade Singapore will be attending MetaStraits Vol 3 with a view to work with KIL DAO and be onboarded to the NEAR ecosystem for partner events.
KIL DAO aims to continue the series with Volume 3 of MetaStraits on the last day of July, with a view to continue consistently featuring bigger and better talent which pulls larger crowds.
Details / List of Activities during KIL Live on Sunday 31st Jul 2022: 2 Performances in 1 Evening
⦁ Proposed Date and Venue : 31st Jul 2022 at ⦁ The Playground, ⦁ Cryptovoxels
⦁ Time : 9pm (Malaysian Artist Showcase) & 9:30pm (Singapore Artist Showcase)
⦁ Live performance/ special showcase from one headlining artist for each show. The artists and
KIL will self produce and pre-record a performance for the showcase. The showcase will be streamed via KIL’s Twitch channel and broadcast at The Playground CV.
⦁ Artist will be given a duration of 20 minutes to perform for THE showcase. The audience will then be directed to the virtual gallery to view or purchase an exclusive NFT by the artist.
⦁ KIL will mint 1 NFT created by the artist on our official ⦁ MINTBASE Store.
⦁n10 FREE NFT’S will be given out during the event. The criteria to obtain those rewards is to have a newly created NEAR account along with sharing the best caption about the event on Social Media. Winners will be tracked via tags @nxmlive and hashtags #KILDAO #NEAR
⦁ The event will be promoted via KIL’s channels on social media including Instagram, [Facebook], and Twitter.
Cost Breakdown for KIL Live on 31st July 2022
⦁ Event Management (Malaysian Artist Showcase @ 9pm) - $500
⦁ Event Management (Singapore Artist Showcase @ 930pm) - $500
⦁ Performance Fee (Malaysian artist) - $500
⦁ Performance Fee (Singaporean artist) - $500
⦁ Venue fee for The Playground at Cryptovoxels - $50
⦁ Streaming/Production fee - $60
⦁ Marketing and Promotion for 2x events (Design for posters, Artist NFT and promo materials) - $250
⦁ Total : $2360

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