January monthly report from Zhengdong ZOU and Xiangming Chen (China)

hi everyone
My name is Zou Zhengdong,i was recruited by Angela several months ago. i am working as editor in Mars Finance which is the most famous crypto media in china.

This month,my work for NEAR is as follow

1.I have writted THREE news flash for NEAR,and push it to all the reader.

B. Crypto.com App已支持NEAR存取款

C.Dragonfly Capital宣布已投资NEAR,成为第三大验证节点

  1. in additin,i have writted TWO article to introduce NEAR Protocol when Amos came to Mars live (火星视频直播)

火星一线 | 加密风投Dragonfly Capital宣布已投资NEAR,成为主网第三大验证节点

  1. Also i introduce my co-worker Chen Xiangming to NEAR GUIDE which is charge the Mars LIVE. and i aways put MARS NEWS about NEAR to many NEAR WEChat group.

That is my work.

Next let me introduce my team and co-worker Chen Xiangming.

She is charger for MARS VEDIO LIVE. She invited Amos Zhang and Cao Yin to analyze NEAR ’advantage.
视频直播 | 互操作性2.0 VS 以太坊2.0:NEAR的公链崛起之路

also she invited Amos again and give good oppotunity to share NEAR vedio introduce!

[> “一键开播”火星视频直播发布会暨2021区块链投资展望]

SORRY,because i am new user,i just can put 2 links in this post


Thanks for the update, @zouzhengdong!

I’ve changed your trust level and you should be able to add more links from now on :slight_smile:

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That’s dope, hope to see more NEAR presence on Mars!

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