[Idea] Review-based ecosystem using NEAR

Problem Statement:
Reviews on the websites are getting compromised because of the centralized system which can

  1. alter
  2. delete or
  3. allow fake identity reviews
    by tampering or hacking the centralized system by insider or outsider.

Proposed Solution Idea
Having a genuine reward-based review system in the blockchain which can’t be altered or hacked by an insider or outsider.

REVIEW-based Token allocation and usage
A. Allocation

  • The REVIEW-based tokens will be allocated by the websites only to the users having a payment gateway linked with the NEAR account and for using their service or purchasing an item from them.
  • The tokens will be provided based on 10% of the total amount spent by the user. The item/service cost is 40 NEAR tokens then 4 Rewards-based tokens will be provided which can only be utilized to review.
  • And to review an item/service costing 40 NEAR, 4-0.4(10% of 4 which will be saved for gas fees) = 3.6 Rewards-based tokens will be needed.

B. Usage

  1. Websites using NEAR REVIEW-based service will allocate REVIEW-token to the user based on the purchased item or utilized service on to their main wallet having subdomain of review account (review.wallet.near)
  2. Those REVIEW-based tokens can only be utilized to give genuine reviews which can’t be altered or deleted by the website service provider or user in the future.
  3. Upvote and downvote facility on each review will be provided which will build users’ profile credibility.
  4. Doing survey based on random questions and answers session on items purchased and rewarding based on completing the milestone.

Project Outcome

  1. Ecosystem for the reviewers with credibility and rewards.
  2. Building a genuine reviewer profile of reviewers based on the milestones with immutable content.

Idea by: naveen_in.near

About Me: I am a Blockchain enthusiast.
Presentation File: I will upload the presentation file soon with detailed analytics if the idea is accepted.


Cool idea - definitely responds to a problem in online marketplaces! I wonder what else the social tokens might do within that relationship, to broaden the “reviewer-company” relationship. Right now it feels very transactional, and I wonder if there are ways to reward and engage reviewers with the token beyond giving access to be able to post a review. How might the token be used to broaden or strengthen the social ties?

Will you be putting in a proposal in the DAO? https://www.sputnik.fund/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near/proposals/#/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near


As per the comment, I have identified these statements that are needed to looked for

  1. Broaden the reviewer-company relationship.
  2. Ways to reward and engage reviewers beyond able to post a review.
  3. Broaden and strengthen the Social ties.

Proposed Solution

After reviewing the purchased product, the other reviewers will upvote or downvote the review. Then based on the net result (Upvote-downvote / comments - like reddit allocates to its user) certain amounts of $NEAR token will be allocated by the company.

This amount of $NEAR allocation by the company will be done by the revenue they will be earning by showing the paid ads of the products listed on their website.

Like $BAT is rewarded in Brave browser which can be encashed on the main wallet later on.

So, there may be different marketplaces using their own social token but ultimately the reviewers will earn in $NEAR and product sellers will pay in $NEAR to the company for the ads.

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Yes, definitely I am looking to post it on DAO.
Do let me know if any suggestions are there from you that I am missing and should add quickly before posting this idea on DAO.
Thanks in advance.

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