How has NEAR impacted your life?

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Glad to feedback to you

I’d like to know how NEAR has impacted your daily basis activities and work. As we are building and growing a community of contributors, developers, enthusiasts, etc I’d like to share with you my feedback regarding the importance of NEAR in my life and also how NEAR has impacted my relatives:

  • Near has become an extraordinary source of investment

  • The community of OWS is one of its kind, it demonstrates the difficulty of organizing a lot of people doing the same tasks. OWS achieved that and its an example to the world related Collaborative economy

  • NEAR, the gov, the foundation, the core team have supported one of my regular projects of education and give much value to this as we don’t have to forget that education is one of the pillars of life. Give richness and wealth.

  • I have enriched my knowledge regarding crypto, web3, blockchain, etc.

  • Had the opportunity to join other guilds around the world (Sankore 2.0)

  • Consolidated an extraordinary community or “tribe” as we called in #near-venezuela

  • Made new friends and workmates.

How has NEAR impacted your life? :muscle: :mechanical_arm:

Luis Aponte :goat: :rocket:


I have another question, what all contributors will do, when NF stop payments to their guilds and projects ? How many trues believers members in the community, who works here for free and ready to support Near Ecosystem without money?


HI @Dacha how are you?

That’s also another good point of view, but I trust in the good faith of our community and I’m assured that everyone here is building projects and activities sustainable in the long term. Those projects who don’t work based on this, will not be able to continue within NEAR

What do you think?


Great :wave:

Trying to find these people, who ready to contribute for free.

It looks like all current great contributors will stop their work as soon as funding from NF ends.

Agree. Unfortunately, many projects pretending now .


I’m assured there are plenty of people out here who works more for the opportunities and the passion than the money (as myself and I think yourself). But you know, in every society or community are people dedicated to different goals and so many times there are not for good. Countries are a perfect example of it. We could experience the same here.

Do you think? I think partially the same with you, but only I consider that those “contributors” that work only for the NF funds are not worth for these types of community. Is like a regular business, if you are not successful because you are focused wrongly, you will fail. Same here

Time is money and time is wise, you will know when the moment of the truth comes at the time those projects will be executed. Numbers and time don’t lie.

But don’t worry, the core team are capable of deep identifying those contributors that are worthless. Trust them

However, @Dacha I’d like to know how NEAR and blockchain have impacted your life as you are one of the most active users down here?

Luis Aponte :goat: :rocket:


If so, why did you claim $800? Why you and other guys can’t contribute for free? Probably, the question is not to you, it’s about model of building community that was chosen at genesis.

My hero is @Monish016 who is Voluntarily rejected his OWS payment.

About my life? I spend all my free time here, finding out what the difference between web2 and Near Web3 world?

See the same bureaucratic structures, censorship, brokers and agents.

I don’t see even couple real Members Driven communities in Near.
Almost All DAO’s are totalitarian.


I don’t think you and I are responsible and judge to value the work of each of us. However, I respect your posture

Understood. Well, any feedback is welcome as long as we respect the guidelines of respect. Hope you find some motivation in the short term.

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Hello @Dacha as always, feel a lot of respect for you, I have seen how much you have been working for the community without having any job position, or being part of the core team, so yeah I feel a lot of respect for you, as 2021: The Year in Review shows.

There will be not much contributors when NF stop payments. True believers will stick but won’t be enough.


  1. The first step is where we are now, Guilds need to be evaluated to get funding and they need funding to start their own first steps.
  2. Guilds need to develop and propose projects/activities that will be self sustainable, and this projects will produce earnings that will use the Guild itself to keep contributing.
  • Best example is a Company own by the Guild or the community where the main purpose of the company will be to produce and sell a product that will increase awarness about NEAR helping with education and marketing
  • Projects like the NEAR P2P that will help with the onboarding and the Guild that is launching this project (NEAR VENEZUELA) will receive 20% of the profits on the Guild DAO.
  • Guild Activities like education/development/consulting where we charge a price to the customers/students/enterprises in order to help them to grow professionally or to launch their own projects

We believe that Geographic Guilds can become into cooperatives where we can be incubator for other external particular projects, and in this way we will keep spreading the NEAR Protocol and onboarding new projects - growing the ecosystem - without the need for funding.


Yes, Agree with you.


Hello Luis, later this important question could be a poll or a google form where we could extract some metrics ?

Good question, I will say that… finally I have been able to find a place where I feel 100% welcomed and where I really can add true value. I have been working in the blockchain sfere since 2016, I had my own company, and it is now just a remittances business but we sold almost $2M in mining equipment in just one year, we had a gold age, and then I had to take a hard lesson with trading, I even study corporate finances to understand more about that part, now I am able to improve my english too, so yeah I am beeing able to use my knowledge and to learn a lot every day so there is only wins wins here.

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Hi, Thank for asking this question.

Here is the medium article I wrote about how Near changed my life.

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Hi @bailey12

Thanks for sharing it. Like it

Luis Aponte :goat: :rocket:


i also have same experience near has help to increase my knowledge on crypto at large. i appreciate near protocol.

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Wow! l joined this community not quite long. This is indeed a heart warming experience I would also love to have. That is also my wish for every sincere member.


I think a very large number of our community members are here because they saw it as an opportunity to better their lives and endeavors. I also think that none of us will want such good opportunity to stop. I want to believe that the pioneer minds behind this laudable project would have factored this challenge that is why l want to believe that only projects that will have a lasting impact to the community’s greater good are the ones being considered. I for one would want to see that this NEAR project is one that can be used to tackle poverty as we share the goodness of our goals to our various communities and circle of friends. I quite understand your point @Dacha but l am very sure that our goals will be achieved if we teach the right things in the right way.


that a solid truth, we have to use this opportunity to create a lasting project that has value.

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Near has impacted my life by proving the power of community. It is often in difficult times in society that people are able to pool together for a common cause. With a decent knowledge of the Crypto market (after losing my job to COVID my boyfriend and I both took a leap and invested what we had into crypto and have lived off of trading for the past year and half) I just recently started exploring NFTs DAOs and realized that it is time to learn code/developing. My first venture away from cryptocurrencies themselves, into the NFT market - totally blew my mind in the way that people were so dedicated and inclusive in these communities, i.e. Discord, Telegram. I was also shocked at the scams and spam you have to maneuver around - more so than in cryptocurrencies themselves. But where I finally found my comfort zone was in DAOs and decentralized platforms or ecosystems. Near caught my attention first, because of my knowledge of Solana being a well established and rapidly growing asset (as far as I’ve seen in my short time with the crypto market) I dug deeper and am still amazed at the vast growth here. I see so much value in Near, not only the opportunities available to people all over the world, the connections that are able to be made within the community, but the quake-proof foundation that Near is built on. It is inspirational that I found a space where I can use any/all of my skills and continue to educate myself and broaden that portfolio of skills, especially with the ability to do so all in the same space. I think that even if funding was cut today - Near would essentially live on in the progessive projects that like-minded individuals would accomplish based on connections made here. The ability to bounce ideas off of eachother, to collaborate and find that person who may be the missing puzzle piece to your project, and frankly the resourcefulness people quickly adapt when circumstances call for it. Thank you to everyone here! I hope we each learn something new everyday :vulcan_salute:


wow amazing @nftcryptogroup happy for you mate, wishing more wins in this platform. the future is near.


more wins in this platform in the near future …? :wink: hahahha

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haha great article Bailey!

you wrote “…chitchat on Near Telegram and helping newcomer, doing Russian Rollin Dice game that I never won once (@rimberjack lost the amount of Near that equal to her rent now)…”

but now the biggest question on my mind is…

who was winning then? :thinking: