Home delivery/ Month 2 Week 1 - from May 02 to May 06

Proposal Home delivery
Report week 1 of month 2 Home delivery

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano. @Cristian

Project members
Cesar Coronel
Angel Arevalo
Herian Palencia

Goals achieved in week 1 of month 2

The designs of the administration and registration of the store and the administration of the store menu were made

the validations were carried out in the frontend that does not allow to go to another place without creating a profile and we also validated that they cannot go to the store administration without having a store created

The ipfs web3 storage was implemented, the server was created in Node js, to execute the ipfs, it is a server that will be working separately, which receives an image or file and uploads it to the ipfs, where the response it returns is a link of the ipfs.

The functions were created in the smart contract to save the categories, delete and edit them and the functions to create a store, edit and delete it were also created

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Please contact me when the project launch on Mainnet.

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