Gaming DAO June council report 2024

Dear NEAR Gaming DAO Community,

As we conclude June 2024, I am pleased to share the developments and continued commitment of the Gaming DAO towards fostering innovation within the NEAR gaming ecosystem.

Project Evaluations and Approvals:
This month, the Gaming DAO council evaluated six new proposals, approving funding for projects that promise to diversify and enrich our community’s gaming experience:

  • Near Africa Gamers
  • Mental Maze
  • Survival is NEAR

These projects were chosen for their innovative potential and expected contribution to the NEAR platform.

Ongoing Support and Milestone Tracking:
A key part of my role this month involved monitoring the progress of previously funded projects. We worked closely with project teams to ensure they met their milestones and provided strategic support to address challenges, ensuring project success and alignment with our objectives.

Strategic Insights and Leadership:
I contributed strategic insights that influenced our council’s decisions, ensuring that our investments align with the Gaming DAO’s mission to support sustainable and impactful gaming projects.

NDC Sunset and Continued Support:
It’s important to note that the NEAR Development Center (NDC) has been officially sunset. However, the Gaming DAO remains committed to supporting gaming projects in non-monetary ways. Our support includes technical assistance, promotional shoutouts on social media, business development advising, and facilitating ecosystem connections to artists and developers. This shift ensures that while direct funding may have ceased, our commitment to nurturing the gaming ecosystem on NEAR continues stronger than ever.

Reflections and Future Plans:
Reflecting on the activities of this month, I am inspired by the passion and creativity of our community. As we move forward, I am excited about the new strategies we are implementing to support our gaming projects and contribute to their success.

Stay Engaged:
I encourage all community members to stay connected and engaged through our official communication channels. Your active participation and feedback are crucial as we navigate this new phase of support and continue to advance our shared goals.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication. Together, we will continue to drive forward the future of blockchain gaming on NEAR.

Best regards,