FDAO June Report

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Freelancer’s DAO June Report.


Official FDAO Social Media Page Growth & Council Report

N/S May June
Twitter impressions 61,000 75,000
Twitter Followers 807 1,123
Total likes 2000 1741
Total Clicks 275 1016
Engagement rate 10.4% 12.6%
Total retweets 700 421
Total replies 468 517
Telegram Members 414 of 43% online 480 of 45% active
NEAR Social 219 followers 273 followers


712 tx

N/S Context Links
1 Happy New Month Post (Original Post) x.com
2 Engagers Revamp Structure (Original post) x.com
3. Engagers Onboarding for June (Original Post) x.com
4. Chill On Near White paper Announced (Quote Post) x.com
5. Chill On Near Meme Competition (Quote Post) x.com
6. A41 Redelegation Announced (Quote Post) x.com
7. Announcement For list of Onboard Engagers x.com
8. Announced Near As Most Googled search (Quote Post) x.com
9. Shilling Near on Influencer tweet (Quote Post) x.com
10. Weekly Agenda (Original Post) x.com
11. Otto farm on Ref Finance (Quote Post) x.com
12. Zealy Task Announced (Original Post) x.com
13. Traction recognition (Quote post) x.com
14. Freelancers DAO Workshop (Original Post) x.com
15. Octopus Nation Partnership Announced (Quote post) x.com
16. Orderly Network Announced (Quote post) x.com
17. AMA tracker support (Quote post) x.com
18. Potlock AI Matching round Announced (Quote post) x.com
19. Workshop Reminder (Quote post) x.com
20. Chain Abstraction Animation 1 (Original post) x.com
21. Workshop Quote post x.com
22. FDAO Hot Village Announced (Original Post) x.com
23. AMA reminder with Octopus Nation(Quote post) x.com
24. 1k followers Celebration (OP) x.com
25. Animation related to Chain Abstraction (OP) x.com
26. Thread post for Forefront tak (QP) x.com
27. Potlock Announced related to AI and College school club rounds (QP) x.com
28. Meta Pool voting rounds (QP) x.com
29. New Report date for Engagers x.com

Partnership Announcement

Nos Context Links
1. Partnership with Octopus Nation

to provide support for creators and foster cross collaboration to improve engagement and content education|x.com
|2.|Collab with “Survival Is NEAR|x.com

AMA and Community Calls

Context Topic Link
Freelancer DAO Workshop Introduction to staking, lending and boring for Newbies to be educated x.com
Friday Community Call (14th June) Engagers Education and Orientation x.com
Workshop with Web3 Plug Nada bot verification and Potlock donation x.com

Council Report

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