[Event Proposal] Night with DjCharley Charles and Near Event April 2022

First of all am DJ charley charles an award winning Dj, producer, and songwriter from the city of lagos Nigeria, i have worked with a lot of celebrity Dj’s in and out of the country, likes of Dj Kaywise, dj case and many more

Co-host of the populer bellavita event in lagos…

I’m involving sunnyvale bar and lounge as co host to help publicize the event, the last event I attended at sunnyvale was a blast, had celebrities like lyta and friends, I’m very sure this would go same way.

Here are some links to my mixtapes and arts with some popular singers,

However it’s a big honor to be here as an nxm member, i got something big in stock for this great community…

A night with charley charles is one event nobody wanna miss, it a night we invite singers, comedians, dj and hypemen, this event is one of my biggest event i have ever and will ever host, the last one we had we boarded artist like jaywon, terryapala and many more

So planning something bigger and better than the last, so decided to bring NXM community to this and make this community the mother of this event.

Here are some programs i intend introducing:

1, Dj freestyles
2, music performance
3, comedy
4, live talk with enivy introducing near and how it works
5, music challenge to be minted as nft
6, a lot of amazing other performances

So this event have been planned and we gonna be making near banners, near fliers, posters, and social media publicity, i want to make a big history with this event.

This event is gonna be on Easter Sunday 17 April 2022

So the budget for this show is 1000$

Here is the breakdown of how this budget is gonna be utilize…

1, Event Location: this should cost just (222$) 17n
2, stage, light, banner, fliers, and t-shirts ( 288$) 22.15n
3, publicity and online pr (100$) 7.6n
4, Artist booking ( 200$) 15.36n
5, Coverage and ushers, bouncers and security (100$) 7.6n
6, decorations and set designs 90$ 7n

Preparation is ongoing already so it shouldn’t look like it’s too sudden,

We gonna be onboarding all the crew members, sunnyvale managers and guest to the near family, it’s gonna be a massive onboarding.
Inviting top lagos big boys to this, my fellow djs got my back too so therefore I guarantee a lit event that will promote our community.

I’m ready to support by any means, even it means adding my funds to this.

Shout out to all the council members, community builders and the entire ecosystem of Near,

Looking forward to a Favorable response, @Monish016 @Paul

Thank you.

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Hi @Charles, thank you for your proposal. Council will review by the due time.

Meanwhile, please update information & structure your proposal following this guideline: [Guide] NxM Events Grant Application (Stream One)

Make sure you present adequate information to let us know the value your event may generate, how NxM & community will benefit from it.


Noted brother, making corrections.

Dear @Charles
Thank you so much for your proposal, we believe that every single proposal was created with goodwill to make NxM a better community. Unfortunately, your proposal wasn’t accepted after council review. We appreciate your input and thank you for engaging with us. You’re welcome to submit your request in the next funding round.

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