Larkim live in space is a monthly traditional event on metaverse that aims at portraying Africa traditional sound and culture to the world.
The first edition was a very beautiful and successful one introducing a lot of African instruments and dance…(sekere, talking drum) )The second edition promises to be even better than the first.,as we sure grow bigger from every show.
This time,we are going to be making traditional music with a touch of different genre…
As seen in the first edition, we are also going to be wearing a touch of traditional wear to potray our Africa culture to the world
We are goin be having constant Rehearsals with the Band.
We are going to be working with the most of the musicians from the first edition.

Rentage of studio for 4 days Rehearsals : 50 dollars * 4days : 200 dollars
Renting of traditional instrument for a week: ( traditional drums, sekere, gangan) :50 dollars.

Payment of musicians, dancers and crew members…
1 lead Guitarist
1 Bassist
4 back up singers
3 traditional drummers
2 sekere players
2 horn players
1 talking drummer
3 dancers :20 musicians in total
: 380 dollars will be shared among 20 musicians for Rehearsals and performance

Renting of camera : 50 dollars
Videographer : 50 dollars
Video editor : 30 dollars
Studio space for performance: 100 dollars
Transportation : 60 dollars
Rentage of cryptovoxel space for event: 50 dollars…
Total cost : 970 dollars

A lot of work, commitment,and sacrifice is put to making this show, so me and the crew has decided to make a new approach in promoting the show.
1)we are going to cut of video edits and clips of songs and dance from the performance of the show and promote it with NXM and Near logo as the sponsors of the content…
We intend to make a Big promotion plan for this, so we are going to write a proposal to marketing dao for promotion of the contents from every edition of the show with Top Instagram and socal media influencers here in Nigeria…
All musicians and crew members are also going to promote the contents individually on their social media platforms…:white_heart:…
Thank you Nxm family for the opportunity… looking forward for the approval of the second edition…Thanks​:white_heart::white_heart::white_heart::star:
@Monish016 @Paul @vandal

Link to watch larkim live in space I

Band members and Crew

Hello @larkim ! Seem you have some fund and build up some good music into the metaverse, will like to check on that :cowboy_hat_face: so will ask you few questions in order to bring light into your proposal.

The music created is now in form of NFTs ?
Can you point it out the link to check it up and even buy a copy if I liked, will be my first.

The report from your last event is just this:

It is only some pics ? Or there is another report ?
Will like to see a video or a more detailed report.

I want to understand in few words if it is possible how is your team creating value on the NEAR ecosystem?
Take this as an opportunity to express again so not just me but others can understand better and give you support

Cheers :beers:

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Thank you so much @FritzWorm . Yesterday night was our first traditional performance on metaverse via cryptovoxel. videos of some part of our performance will minted as NfTs this week…I will send you a link directly once it’s available…

No, not just pictures… we had several Rehearsal performance video and graphics where we had some students watch.
there’s a full coverage on our main performance video, … Here is a YouTube link to watch :slightly_smiling_face:…

This concert is an first African/traditional music event on the metaverse, that aims to attract Africans and lovers of traditional music allover the world to the near ecosystem…
How do we intend to do this .

  1. From The music /custome :
    From our custome, to the music…from our last performance all band members are dressed on black with a traditional Ankara trousers and wrappers.
    From the Music, we use traditional instruments like Talking drum, sekere and traditional drums…
    This traditional concert is very different from the normal , So Me and my team, with the support of the marketting dao will run a strong major social media campaign with the show channeled at attracting youths and music lovers.
    Our contents will be promoted with blogs and top Instagram influencers in Nigeria, with near ecosystem as sponsors, this will attract people to watch the show on the metaverse, this will promote the near ecosystem, and make it more popular to afrikans and people that watch the concert…
    We intend to promote the show with this blog …it’s the number one Instagram page for news in Nigeria,…

Thank you so much @FritzWorm for making me shed more light to this project. I hope I’m able to get your support.:slightly_smiling_face::white_heart: I’m very much open to further questions
cheeers :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:…


Hey @larkim

We really loved your first edition of traditional event from February, however due to big amount of the requests in this month, we couldn’t approve your proposal for March.

We’d love to hear your music project, as it has been approved:

Also, feel free to submit your traditional event proposal for April.

Cheers :beers:

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Thank you so much Nxm family @vandal @Monish016 @Paul . I’m very grateful for your constant support… we are glad you loved our performance, but that’s just the tip of the icing​:grin::grin: we have a whole lot more in our bags …
We look forward to doing the second edition in April…cheers… Thank you all so much :star::star::white_heart::white_heart::white_heart::white_heart::white_heart::white_heart::white_heart: