(Event Proposal) African Traditional metaverseEvent II edition x Broke Boy Mini concert uni

Africa traditional event on metaverse aims at portraying the africa culture,sound and with music to the world.first edition was a very beautiful and successful one introducing a lot of African instruments and dance…(sekere, talking drum) )The second edition promises to be even better than the first.,as we sure grow bigger from every show.

*we are going to be doing 2 shows on one day. traditional music concert/ Broke Boy Mini concert
*The show will be streamed live via cryptovoxel on metaverse for the community to watch
*We will be having unique performances like spoken words and drama, from other artiste.

*We are merging 2 shows in one day, (traditional/ Broke Boy Mini concert).we are going to be having audience of about 60 to 80 people come watch

On approval of the event we will be doing social media promotion and ads with NXM and Near logo on every promotional content.

*We are going to be opening near wallet with tokens of 1near to the first 30 people that attend the event. On approval of this event we will write to onboarding dao for near tokens for the 30 people

*As seen in the first edition, we are also going to be wearing a touch of traditional wear to potray our Africa culture to the world

*We received a lot of positive response from fans and people that saw the last event, Our long term goal for this traditional concert is to promote the beauty of Africa music world wide.

Here is a Break down of the budget:
We are going to be using a big live sound proofed studio with all the live instruments, light and sounds… a wide space that can accommodate 60 to 100 people :450 dollars
(Here is an image of the live studio)

Renting of studio space for Rehearsals
We would be having 7 Rehearsals before the show…2 Rehearsals for 3 weeks and
1 Rehearsals a day to the concert…
We will spend 4 hours for each Rehearsal
Renting of Rehearsal space daily costs : 40 dollars * 7 : 280 dollars
Renting of 2 cameras for video coverage: 30 dollars
Video grapher: 30 dollars
Video editor: 20 dollars

Graphic design: 20 dollars.
Rentage of cryptovoxel space : 50 dollars

The first edition we worked with 25 musicians and crew members.

For the Second edition, most of the musicians and crew members have volunteered to play and work for free for the love and oneness for the craft . We believe in the dream.
We are going to be splitting the remaining 150dollars amongst 25 musicians and crew and also for miscellaneous expenses like transportation, food, and publicity…
God’s love and blessings to the NXm family for always supporting
I’m looking forward to approval from the NXm family @Paul @Monish016 @vandal

Much love


Hi @larkim, thank you for your proposal. Council will review by the due time.

Meanwhile, please update information & structure your proposal following this guideline: [Guide] NxM Events Grant Application (Stream One)

I understand you have successfully proposed in NxM stream before. However, besides presenting what you’re going to do, please make sure you have adequate information to let us know the value your event may generate, how NxM & community will benefit from it? what are your goal? You can refer the guideline below

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Thank you so much @williamx .

*This event is a unique live band that involves western and AFRICAN traditional instrument like gangan , talking drums, that will be streamed on cryptovoxel ,it will attract Africans and all lovers of good music to the space.

  • It’s going to be a special event with limited slot space for audience, we will be expecting about 60 to 80 audience, all will be opened a near wallet for and onboarded to the ecosystem

  • We are going to be working with about 26 musicians and crew members like we did in the last event, all musicians and crew to make it a perfect show.

*We are going to start publicity of the event immediately we get approved with NXM and near logos on our fliers , publicity will go on for about 3 weeks , this will also attract people to the event.

*Full coverage of the event will be properly covered by a professional videographer

*pictures and clips from the event will be minted as NfTs in the NXm store.,

Africa traditional/ Broke Boy Mini concert is a 2 in one concert , we are doing 2 shows in one day. This is a quality show for Nxm and Near ecosystem.
Thank you @williamx


Hi, @larkim, Thank you for your information! You’re doing a Metaverse event. However, more than 70% of the project (450+280=730$) goes to the rental of the studio and rehearsal space?

Do you have any plan where to rent a CV space with 50 dollars?

Thank youuu so much @williamx for the wonderful observation…
The Hall for the event costs 450 dollars…
The concert is going to be a live event and live recording, so we are using a hall that has everything we need for our performance. The hall has all the live instruments, sound mixers,lights, and a 100 seater chair for audience, it’s very condusive…we don’t have to bother with about rentage of any instruments…
We would be doing a proper recording for the event…
The 280 dollars is for the rentage of Rehearsal studio with my members…
The Rehearsal studio has all the major live instruments we will be using for performance.
Drums, keyboards,lead and bass guitar with Traditional instruments.
We will be paying 40 dollars each for Rehearsal time…40 * 7 : 280 dollars

There cannot be a proper live Band show without rehearsals, we will be renting rehearsal space where all band members meet to practice, we will be having 7 Rehearsals before the main event.
we will be having 2 Rehearsals weekly for 3 weeks
and one last Rehearsal on the week of the event…
We are paying much attention to Rehearsals and performance because.
Rehearsals makes a good performance, and a good performance is the soul of a good show…

Yes, We will be renting cryptovoxel space for 50 dollars from vandal like we did in our last event… Graphics will be made on approval of the event, publicity will start immediately…Thank you :white_heart:


Dear @larkim
Thank you so much for your proposal, we believe that every single proposal was created with goodwill to make NxM a better community. Unfortunately, your proposal wasn’t accepted after council review. We appreciate your input and thank you for engaging with us. You’re welcome to submit your request in the next funding round.