Endgame Dating Proposal for She Is NEAR

Endgame Dating Proposal for She Is NEAR

Introduction: I am Asha Susan Cherian, the Founder & CEO of Endgame Dating. I am a technology and business leader, software product manager, trusted startup advisor & global advocate for women in technology. My background is as a career Product Manager & technologist working at global software agencies across NYC and Austin, such as TouchTo and Jackrabbit, most recently in the role of Director of Product. I have led teams to build technology products for NASA, the Smithsonian, major European banks, Fortune500 companies & startups of all sizes across almost every industry and sector in software. I am a web3 community builder, creator, crypto investor & mentor for Techstars web3 accelerator. I was named one of the “Top 100 Women of the Future” & top 120 tech creators in the US by LinkedIn (with an audience of 15k+ national and international web3 and web3-curious people on Linkedin alone). Endgame is my second AI startup - my first was in the digital health AI/ ML space in 2016.

Endgame is a dating brand for technologists and creatives seeking their person. We aim to build products and experiences that solve the biggest problems in the world for women in the dating space.

I. Problem: Women do not feel safe on dating apps & individuals of all genders have no direct path to dating for relationships/ marriage.

  1. Dating apps normalize hookup culture & violence against women:

A survey conducted by ProPublica in 2019 found that 31% of women reported being sexually assaulted or raped by someone they had met through an online dating site.

  1. According to the longest-term research study ever conducted on dating app users, only 1 in 10 currently partnered adults met their significant other on a dating app or site

  2. The future of dating is IRL:

  • Dating app fatigue is widespread (NYTimes)

  • A rapidly growing subset of the dating population is opting for offline experiences over apps (Business Insider)

  • It’s a multi-generational problem, including Gen Z

  1. At Endgame events, every person in the room is seeking a relationship/ marriage

  2. Swipe based dating apps are a dying breed, but technology can still assist us in increasing trust & safety for women in dating:

II. Solution: Utilize web2 & web3 tech at IRL events to increase trust in dating as a first step to building the web3 AI dating app of the future.

Why IRL events?

Because people are begging for them (see major media outlet links above) & because AI requires data. Events are our go-to-market strategy & way we offer value from day 1 while also building up user data for our AI system in a transparent and consensual way.


Phase I: Go-to-market = tech-enabled (web2 & web3) IRL events

Phase II: web3 & AI dating/ marriage app

III. How She is NEAR can help us build Phase I:

Endgame requires funds to build a tech stack to increase safety for women in dating that includes:

Endgame’s marriage records database & single validation system

  • background check

  • license/ state ID scanner (age validation system)

There is no other dating events company or dating event brand on the market offering any of the above today. Development of these features alone significantly increases women’s safety in the dating space.

With this tool, used at check-in, we can validate that every Endgame user is:

  1. Not a sex offender
  2. Passed a background check
  3. Validated as the age they claim to be
  4. Not married

Web3 offers the opportunity to log US marriage records on NEAR Protocol & validate that individuals who attend our events are not married.

NEAR Protocol is ideal because it offers:

  1. Decentralized storage that empowers the user with transparency of marriage records, divorce records & more.
  2. Usability & developer friendliness - we will use this tech when the customer checks in at events so it needs to be as efficient as possible and friendly for team members to update at/ between events.
  3. We would like to utilize NEAR Protocol for its:

A) robust data protection that’s more resistant to tampering, hacking & other privacy breaches - for user drivers license records, marriage records & more - essential to our brand success

B) maximum security & anonymity

IV. How approving this grant proposal will support She is NEAR:

A) Endgame activates and makes tangible the core mission of She is NEAR to create safe spaces for women in web3

B) The She is NEAR brand & logo will be featured at Endgame IRL events, included in app, listed on our future website, future white paper & social posts for events.

C) Live events will drive web3-curious women to the She is NEAR DAO.

D) She is NEAR will be identified as a major player in the creation of web3 tech that drives safety, security, trust and relevant real life experiences for women and people of all genders

V. Vision & Why to fund us:

A) Endgame’s goal is to be the #1 most trusted brand in the dating & marriage space globally and create a safer way for women to date to get married in 2024 & beyond

She Is NEAR would be key agents of creating this future as Endgame’s first institutional funder & backer - I would like to announce She is NEAR is first-in as an investor with the hope of bringing the product to the NEAR Protocol level

B) Endgame will list She is NEAR as a sponsor at all events - we will soon be doing events 1-2x per week & at every major conference in Austin & beyond, starting w/ Austin based conferences in 2024

C) I will feature She Is NEAR in posts & lives on my Linkedin, where most of my 15k+ followers are web3 builders or web3 curious techies. I’m happy to design a calendar of offline live events on LinkedIn in collaboration with the She Is NEAR team, such as LinkedIn Lives, Linkedin Audios & more in a brand partnership or other structure that She Is NEAR prefers.

VI. Budget for grant amount requested: $25,000.00

Development: $25,000.00

Endgame’s marriage records database & single validation system

  • background check

  • age validation system/ license/ state ID scanner

Thank you!


Dear @asha.cherian, your proposal is thoughtful and amazing. But I’m still struggling to believe in the possibility of hitting the proposed KPIs. You spoke about extracting the marriage record of the US and my question is

  1. How will that be extracted?
  2. Is the Endgame regional? Cos if it’s global you have to extract the marriage doc for different people from different countries.
  3. Is the app just for women? And they will just be connected to men in your real life events?

Hi Dabbie3229,

I’m happy to answer your questions.

  1. We are innovating by building technology to increase safety for women in the dating space.

Technically there is no extraction of data since there is no unified system where marriage data exists in the US today. We are seeking funding to create this system.

We aim to surface data that exists disparately across multiple sources online. The dev team and I are investigating a few different paths, including scraping publicly available marriage records as well as stacking services that exist in the market today. We will likely start with a combination of the above, balancing complexity with accuracy over time.

There is no question in my mind we can build this system, granted we are provided enough funding for doing so.

  1. As mentioned in our proposal, Endgame is focused on the US market at this time - so the system will include individuals married in the US.

  2. Our company invites individuals of all genders to our IRL events. However we build technology to make women feel more safe dating, since data suggests lying about age, marriage status & background check issues disproportionately effect more women than man.

There is no app on day 1. If you’ll notice at the top of the proposal, we specify 2 phases: 1. IRL events tech & 2. AI & web3 app. This funding proposal is for phase 1: events tech. The AI system will take quite some time to build - years - so we will begin offering value to our customers on day 1 by building tech that we will use at check-in for events.

For example, individuals of all genders will be able to purchase tickets online to our events. When they arrive for check-in, we will use our technology to validate the name on their ID against our marriage records system, background check system & age validation systems. Once we validate (within seconds) that they’re not married, not on sex offender lists & they pass the background check, they will be invited inside to the event. If an individual does not pass, their ticket price will be refunded & politely asked to leave without gaining entrance to the event.

Again, we build products to ensure all women at our events feel safe to date within our community, given these problems disproportionately affect women, but all individuals who purchase tickets to the event will be verified and validated.

Hope this answers your questions!

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