EIR Program - Gautam Dec (Report)

Name: Gautam Padiyar
Wallet: padiyar.near

Marking progress for Dec '21 here -

  • Interviewed 30+ candidates for an educational project we’re running, and hired 5 people (2 full-time and 3 part-time) to develop, test, and most importantly document their process. The idea is to build the same project using AS, Rust, Solidity and talk about the different engineering and UX considerations that go into the project.
  • Hired 2 more part-time experienced devs to speak in the educational webinars we are conducting in various university campuses.
  • Travelled for the NEAR partners documentary shoot and now working with a couple of partners I met there.
  • Working in the initial stages of a partnership with a university in India that could run a sem-long blockchain/near programming course.
  • Working on a project idea of my own - a fintech devtool for onramp using INR - Technical architecture has been designed, will be submitting a proposal for grant soon. Projects building from India can’t wait to get their hands on this project.

A lot of other operational updates for crypto capable have been covered by my partner - Pradham (KSP) in an earlier post.