DevRel TPS Report WE: 12-JUNE-2021

:nazar_amulet: DevRel Weekly Updates Thread :nazar_amulet: :woman_mage:

  • Progress (last week)
  • Priorities (for next week)
  • Blockers
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Progress in the Week of 2021/06/07

  1. Build: Partners Integration
  2. UX
    (1) Wallet & DApp UX in China: Wallet deployment solution
  3. Support
    (1) Dev community
    (2) Proof Reading: Eng Weekly
  4. Hiring

Plan in the Week of 2021/06/15 (2021/06/14 is holiday)

  1. Build: Partners Integration
  2. UX
    (1) Wallet & DApp UX in China: Wallet deployment, DApp UX, cookbook for localization
  3. DevX
    (1) NEAR cookbook
    (2) Aurora: dev tooling
  4. Dev Community & Education
    (1) NCD localization for Chinese and Vietnam
  5. Support
    (1) Dev community
    (2) Proof Reading
  6. Hiring


  • None


  • Discord support
  • added more cookbook examples to NAJ
  • Single Store event (Igniting Innovation) coordination & blogpost
  • Coordinate near-examples / overhaul and enhancements w/ Dorian
  • Update near-apps repos w/ revised utils
  • Docusaurus v2 research / kickoff
  • Aurora / Bridge Docs updated
  • Docs CI fix
  • PR Reviews


  • Complete & submit Igniting Innovation blogpost
  • Support exchange integration documentation enhancement
  • Docusaurus v2
  • Cleanup orphaned docs
  • Create near-api-js tests for cookbook examples
  • Update community section for projects
  • Continued channel support


  • NEAR Escrow UI
  • Near Job Board SEO improvements
  • Ceramic Network integration
  • UHHM/Pluminite improvements
  • code review
  • Bounties review

Priorities (for next week)

  • UHHM launch
  • NEAR Escrow launch
  • Near Job Board upgrade
  • Pluminite auctions introduction
  • launch
  • Bounties/grants review
  • new NFT project integration

Progress in the week of 06/07/21

  1. Dialed in the New format for producing micro content videos (1:1 Aspect ratio, Text & images overlayed on top of video & a hook) Dropbox - James Young Micro Content!!! <3 Holy shit this took a while to make - Simplify your life
  2. Edited 4/12 of Collab.Lands micro content. “Re did them again with mallys much needed text, color & title card corrections”
  3. Interviewed Lucio Tato
  4. Uploaded James Young interview to youtube, created thumbnail & description “google wouldn’t allow me to create an ad campaign for it because it goes against their guidelines”. I need to upload on thursday instead of fridays & use the whole day for dialing uploads in because of how long it all takes.
  5. Got my google Ads account unbanned “I have a feeling they don’t like blockchain videos lol”. They gave me one of the most serious & worst bans you can receive, (DM me for the email screenshot, its pretty hilarious).

Priorities for (06/15/21)

  1. Edit Lucio macro interview for youtube
  2. Find micro content from macro interview
  3. Sync on Monday Content Board & add to it
  4. Finish the other 8/12 James Young pieces of micro content
  5. Automate 1 post on Sprout Social
  6. Try to get social logins from @illia or @nf_erik so I can go deeper with campaign ads for (facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & twitter). Sprout social barely scratches the surface with in depth targeted ad campaigns compared to creating the campaign natively on the social platform
  7. Dev channel support on Wednesday
  • Progress (last week)
    • Finished BlockVote Application
    • Created Tutorial for Block Vote
    • Created micro content
    • Learned how to use windows movie maker to develop micro content
  • Priorities (for next week)
    • Focusing on creating more micro content for Matt’s GN8 project
    • Creating Video on NEP-141 standard overview
    • Auditing example applications
    • Fixing minecraft appliation after update
    • updating fungible token example
  • Blockers
    • father time


that’s it, that’s the post

Priorities: narrative, media/PR and marketing coordination, client support, artist onboarding
-editorial support (Illia, Elaine, Erik, devrel content)
-YouTube content and SEO audit
-Single Store post
-one pagers
-last of (I hope) Miami artist/investor follow ups

-improving content ops and content calendar
-Miami follow-ups
-artist conversations planning & media briefing
-op ed support
-grants support/check-ins
-blocker: sick last week