DevRel TPS Report WE: 07-MAY-2021


You know what to do!

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  • Audited Assembly Script Workshop
  • Conducted Interview With Ben from the City Council Member of Berkeley for Blockheads
  • Organized and held intro interview for a Data Analyst Volunteer role
  • Created Discord Channel, logo and brand for Plashape and began outreach
  • Made Progress on Plashape frontend and smart contract
  • Assisted AmplifyArt with getting started on their NFT Market Contract and Social Token Research


  • Setting Up James Young Interview for collab land
  • Finishing up Plashape frontend
  • Grant Proposals
  • Want to Reach out to UCD Blockchain club for NEAR presentation


  • Up coming vacation

Progress in the Week of 2021/05/03 (May 6th ~ 8th)

  1. Build: Partners Integration: good progress so far
  2. Stake Drop & Analytics: feature design and timeline discussion with wallet team
  3. NCD CN: L1v certificate interview for developers
  4. Misc.
    (1) Event: prepare Rainbow Bridge tech sharing to one developer community
    (2) Support: Validator / Wallet / Rainbow Bridge issues fixing, e.g. rollback near-api-js upgrade by think-in-universe · Pull Request #1727 · near/near-wallet · GitHub

Plan in the Week of 2021/05/10

  1. Build: Partners Integration
  2. Stake Drop & Analytics: re-confirm the design and plan with wallet team
  3. DevX: NFT demo and cookbook for developers
  4. Dev Community & Education
    (1) NCD CN: L1v certificate interview, NCD CN launch
  5. Build: NFT with NEAR + HIVE/STEEM: building frontend tooling and NFT market
  6. Misc.
    (1) Support: Rainbow Bridge Quiz airdrop
    (2) Team: Recruit DevRel full-stack dev
    (3) Event: prepare Rainbow Bridge tech sharing to one developer community
    (4) Support: Technical posts proof reading: depends on the plan of Homer
    (5) Support: Validator / Wallet issues follow up
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Progress (from last week)

  1. Interviewed Ben with the city council of Berkeley on Friday W/@doriancrutcher @7am!!!

  2. Got started editing the interview and am ironing out future kinks for whenever we interview someone over zoom “airpods sound terrible for a mic compared to a condenser mic” & "Wifi in turkey is freaking terrible so im going to see if there are any settings to help optimize for future zoom interviews. Caveat was that ben was in a hotel.

  3. I’ve edited ep.11 of blockheads as much as I could with the given assets, “awaiting more from @doriancrutcher , but launching the app to mainnet & branding will definitely be an epic as far as time it will take to do everything properly”.

  4. Working with @mikedotexe team & @doriancrutcher to finish our video 1 out of 2. Elijah is expecting the first draft to be done this week!! :slight_smile: I got him an epidemic sound account & 4 royalty free songs he wants to use for the edit. Dropbox - Video For Near Cut 4.mp4 - Simplify your life

  5. Finished a badass promo video for pluminite w/@crasskitty :smiley: !!

Priorities (for next week)

  1. Edit together berkeley city council meeting & use it for this fridays blockheads episode that will be uploaded to Youtube
  2. Create 3-5 pieces of micro content from the berkeley city council meeting to upload to instagram, facebook, linkedin, twitter & youtube
  3. Respond to Blockheads youtube comments
  4. Upload 2 pieces of micro content to instagram, facebook, twitter & linkedin using NEARs sprout account @Laura onboarded me to using lastpass
  5. Upload one piece of content for the Devrel Tiktok & see what is popular in the blockchain / crypto space
  6. Start developing a giveaway for blockheads showing our viewers how much we appreciate them
  7. Create google ad campaign & design thumbnail for this episode

Progress: (Mon - Wed)

  • Interview assignment Q&A / review
  • Deprecate EVM from near-cli & docs
  • Grant reviews
  • Discord dev support discussions (problem / solutions / action plan)
  • DevPlatform team onboarding


  • Token balance doc
  • near-api-js cookbook / faqs / common pitfalls
  • near-cli & near-api-js TT6 issues
  • Sputnik DAO v2 documentation for hackathon


  • New laptop sent to apple for service :angry:
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Progress (last week)

Priorities (for next week)

  • set up launch email for pluminite
  • Help engineers get Pluminite launched in any ways I can!
  • continue audit of awesomenear
  • Help @StefanoPepe with a resource request
  • Set up the office hours for dev rel during the createbase hackakthon for @chloe
  • change the sign up flow for pluminite to include wallets teams new free wallet faucet
  • set up IPFS and some sort of web hosting with @zavodil for pluminite
  • audit the devrel sprint flow

None :slight_smile:



  • VC Referral: Hopped on calls and made intro’s to NEAR startups.
  • Sourcing: ICON, Microbonds, EventCred, progress on MGM, ZUZ, and others.
  • Grants: Reviewed and approved a grant
  • Strategy: Assisting Jamie from BD, Ozy from Ants Guild, and James from Community.
  • Bounties: Listed MultiSafe and came up with a few really great ideas.
  • Miami: Organizing four hours of edu between Sherif and 20+ City of Miami developers.
  • Fundraising: Connected Erik to a firm that invested a ton of money into NEAR.
  • CRM: Ported dev leads into HubSpot.


  • Run individual contributor campaign
  • Follow up with bounty hunters
  • Review grants
  • Write Gemini partnership strategy
  • Sync with Ants Guild and BAF initiatives


  • New York securities laws
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  • teaching rust with NEAR: we have a solid plan and the start of a front-end
  • published near-api-js to 0.41.0
  • improved near-cli testing


  • collect examples and build out front-end for teaching rust
  • AssemblyScript language server
  • finish NEAR tools bugs
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  • Web version of NEAR REST API deployed
  • NEAR AUTH optimized
  • Nearverse browser extension POC introduced
  • NEAR NFT for telegram chats using NEAR AUTH POC


  • New NEAR integration
  • Social drops to attract new communities
  • NEAR Auth deploy in mainnet


  • partners with mainnet blockers solved
  • api helpers, tooling and bugs squashed
  • wallet endpoint to auto login accounts with seed phrases from external apps
  • secret NFT project for mainnet about 60% complete


  • continue to support mainnet launches and testnet building
  • bd process and winning more deals
  • launch NFT project on mainnet during hackathon


  • time, deal flow, other people :slight_smile: