Customized Non-fungible tokens for VPN operations

Custom Non-fungible-tokens are a great alternative to package the following functionality necessary for a VPN service:

  1. Authentication: Being in control of an signed NFT-like token (or Rich Online Digital Token,or RODiT, as we call it) in a point in time can be used as authentication credentials.
  2. Self-Configuration: Including in the RODiT the VPN configuration can make the user journey simpler.
  3. License: Including in the RODiT the license number, duration, and connected services like maximum bandwidth or number of simultaneous sessions, can greatly simplify operations for the VPN provider.
  4. Privacy: Using RODiT protects the privacy of the user as you can buy, sell to a third party, dispose, return or renew your RODit-based VPN subscription without ever using a phone or email address.
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