CryptoKids - Mint Your Childhood Masterpiece


Project title: CryptoKids (

One-liner: CryptoKids is a kids platform for minting child drawings as NFT’s, selling in a marketplace and sending profits to selected charities.

Project members

  • Alexey Gapchenko (deus.near / @Deus42 on Telegram)
  • Oleksandr Kolodii (moon-rocket.near / @makadaw)

Project summary

The idea of the project is to give the ability for kids to contribute to charities through the sale of their drawings. For the buyers, it is an incentive to help children recognize that their work is valuable and send donations to charities.

Each minted NFT is associated with the charity. The platform will have the ability to select NFT or filter a list by charity. Buyers can navigate either way.

We see the value in giving incentive to kids to draw and the ability to contribute to the good of the world in such a way. Parents will be happy to help and provide basic financial education for their kids.

For the buyers, it is an easy platform to support charities, pay in cryptocurrency and receive a huge tax incentive because the IRS treats crypto as a property. It is a win-win for each party.


  • CryptoKids is a non-profit project
  • Users are kids and their parents. Parents will help with the wallet setup and minting.
  • All proceeds will go to the charities using our partner TheGivingBlock
  • The service account will recieve royalties from NFT purchases and use them for transfer nETH through Aurora to ETH charity wallets
  • Low gas fees in sending through Aurora, rather than directly in ETH using ERC-20. More money can go to charity.
  • Kids will receive badges (as form of recognition). The more you draw the more you get.
  • Buyers will get NFTs as a reward for supporting kids and as a recognition of their donations.

Technical Details

  • Use Mintbase for minting NFTs
  • Send donation to TheGivingBlock in nETH throught Aurora
  • Support various tokens in future
  • Front-end on React + TypeScript, Backend as a Rust smart-contract
  • Use TailwindCSS for responsive styling and mobile support
  • CI/CD using GitHub Actions

Technical Limitations:

  • Aurora does not support nETH yet.
  • Mintbase does not support nETH either.
  • We see using nWETH is a double wrap and overkill in the current process because we will need a way to unwrap WETH to send to a charity address.
  • Rainbow Bridge (which is utilized under Aurora) does not support the transfer of ERC-721 NFT’s

Project Phases


Hackaton scope

  • Use NEAR wallets
  • Hard-coded limited list of charities
  • Proceeds will go to service account


NEAR version

  • Use NEAR wallets
  • Support nETH sending through Aurora
  • Limited list of charities


Ethereum support

  • Support of Metamask wallets
  • Support multiple tokens
  • Full list of charities
  • ERC-721 support and possibly interchange with NEP-171 NFT standard.

Project Presentation

CryptoKids - Presentation (16:9) by Alexey Gapchenko

Video Demo


Full GitHub Submission

Project link


In active development.


super cool! We will take a look :slight_smile:

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Any updates? So far it is a bit confusing to not receive any feedback or even to understand if this submissions counts at all :slight_smile:

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Hello! Sorry, we will get back to you this week, we were fully focussed on our launch

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Nice! First stand alone minter tool using Mintbase. We’ll provide feedback by the end of the week.


Hello :slight_smile: We would like to send you 500 NEAR tokens for this great project, can you reconfirm your NEAR addresses? Shall we send it to 1 address or 2?

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Wow! Great news :slight_smile:
Please split equally into 2 addresses (deus.near and moon-rocket.near)!

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will do now, thanks so much :slight_smile: