[Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting

Hello! Is not working

Please let me know. I will use: ritapaiva.near

Thanks Fritz that is correct!

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Wallets missing partners

@squattingPigeon & @Truce @yonakawaii @Sugar @html1704 @adrianklein26 @Hoangmyle @Phong22 @Mynameisle your wallet partners?


Hey there, using this one: roadworks.near

Let me know.

On another topic, using this wallet juliamorelli.near for @JulianaM :wink: please let me know.

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Hello, edit: done Liberationra.near

Now again asking for wallet address: @Kquan99dk @MathewNm @peppermommy @Dos999 @Doangiaphong @Peace


Good evening! It would be great to see reports, as far as you’re most active part of the mintbaseDAO.

Mintbase received 800 + 744 Near and has never sent a report to Marketing DAO

February 2022 (5 months ago)

April 2022 (3 months ago)

Thank You


Hello @FritzWorm I’m yonakawaii, my wallet is yonakawaii.near

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I’m BGem a computer engineer, graphics designer and also a crypto trader.

I designed community DAO logo. I have been in crypto since 2019 with a lot of experience in crypto trading and DeFi, also a degen and Collab/community manager for Nft projects.

I’m a council member of Afrostar Guild and community DAO. I casted 152 votes on community DAO with bheegem.near and 77 votes on AfroStar with abhaa.near.
Twitter: twitter.com/Usman26027481
Telegram: @B_Gem1
Discord: @bheegem#8455


@FritzWorm Thanks for the close look :slight_smile:
I have already edited the post with this information.

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I am tolga.near, my co-councils are vanja.near and vgb.near. We would also appreciate if you update your post , our dao is now alive and kicking! To be honest it was before it existed on Astro anyway… :pray:

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Hii, klaynramos.near!

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Thank you for the tag.
I will have the V3 approved asap.

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my wallet is trucebeats.near. i will share again on my original post

Good day Near Community

I’m Quiapogi a digital and traditional artist from the Philippines. I am one of the new elected council of Filipino Artist Guild, the role assigned to me was the management of Filipino Artist Guild twitter account. I was assigned to that role because I’ve been supporting our members and even international creators on twitter by retweeting or promoting their works.

Now we came up with many activities that will be happening one of this day on both telegram, discord and twitter to make our community active and also support them.

I’ve been in NEAR for 4 months now, my major accomplishments so far was being the Artist Of The Month for April and this one being elected as councils.

Here’s my SNS and Near wallet:

• Twitter | https://twitter.com/quiapogi_art?t=_7fPvJXHN67s9CC7FQXt9A&s=09

• Instagram | Login • Instagram

• Discord | quiapogi.near #7655

• Telegram | @quiapogi_near

• Near wallet | quiapogi.near

I was just elected few days ago and added to Astro last night so I just have a total of 6 vote casted


Yeah you’re correct fam… thanks

HiI! The report for the judas party was done by @Mencore - if I remember right. I’ll ask her to submit somewhere. In my rememberance we checked in all the people via NFT ticket, they got drinks via nft burning and it was a full success.

here is the report in a comment to that post:

For the NFC conference:

here are the comments with report. The money was reimbursed!

sending the money back:

Hope that cleared up your questions, @Dacha :slight_smile:

Hi Fritz, yes that’s my correct wallet. But what do you mean by “using” it? I mean, using it for what? Thanks

Hello @Dacha, I believe all the reports were already done on time, normally our team doesn’t fail on that :slight_smile:
Anyway will leave here some links to videos, photos, articles, and Instagram posts about those two events:

Judas goes crypto event videos:

Judas goes crypto event articles:

Judas goes crypto event photos:

Non Fungible Conference Videos:


Thank you, hope this additional info helps the reports @marianeu already mentioned.


Added here all the members who shared their wallet address on their presentations


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@FritzWorm can you update this please or remove it? As i mentioned on our our TG chat we were funded in May again with substantial delay on the 29th…Our Launch was 6 days later and a day before this post…i was illl in bed because of the amount of work it was so didn’t not get to create the DAO yet…and i did 7 days after funding…i should also point out that it is slightly against community etiquette to point fingers on the forum. As a “leader” you should approach people with sensitivity, tact and privately to address concerns before you point to them on a public forum . Thank you!