Community Metrics 31 May 21

:fire: Community Metrics Update Thread @weekly-updates
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Discord total members: 12289→ 12627 (+338)
Telegram total members: 16422 → 16673 (+251)
Reddit: 983
Active guild: 46


  • Both discord and telegram have positive member growth over the past month
  • We target to increase our weekly member growth to ~500 in June in order to boost our telegram fan base
  • Reddit will also organize regular AMA activities in order to sustain a steady growth of members and nurture NEAR-related discussion in other subreddits

Major Discussion topics on telegram

  • Announcement on NEAR & Liquality partnership
  • Announcement on NEAR tokens on Ethereum, and liquidity availability on Sushi and Dodo
  • NEAR wallet and staking support
  • Ruler protocol
  • NFT project updates
  • DeFi projects status (LollySwap, skyward finance,
  • General market chat (token price and other L1 projects)

weekly report

  1. community growth
    Telegram group in Korea - 1238 (+365)
    Kakao chat in Korea - 224 (+174)
    cobak - will be opened

Total number of community = 1472 (+539)

  1. comprehensive input to community

Weekly Report

  1. NEAR articles in Vietnamese:

NEAR partners with Ceramic on cross-chain identity and dynamic data storage:

  1. Facebook update:
  • Total fan: 5421 → 5583

  • Link of posts NEAR Vietnam:

  1. Telegram group NEAR Vietnam:

Total member: 5633-> 6258

  • Link of posts NEAR Vietnam:
  • Link of posts on other groups:

NEAR Protocol join in Consensus 2021 by Coindesk: is officially live on NEAR Protocol:

Liquality Launches on NEAR Protocol:

NEAR partners with Ceramic:

  1. Community Report:

GFS Group

  • Link of posts GFS Group:

Livestream: DeFi on NEAR:

NEAR Protocol announces the availability of the NEAR token on Ethereum:

China community update: 2021/05/24-2021/05/31

  1. Officially Wechat managed groups: 50, total members 13091->13069( -22)
  2. QQ officially managed group: 1141-> 1180(+30)
  3. Top guild of this week : 4 ( CST guild, CODAME(IOTA), Mars Finance,Wenear guild,)
  4. The total members of Guild: 34.
  5. Total size of community on Tencent social platform (WeChat/QQ): 14232-> 14249(-17)