[Closed] Participating & Organizing Coinfest Asia August 2023 Side Event in BALI

Participating & Organizing Coinfest Asia August 2023 Side Event in BALI

Hi, NEAR Community.

Near Indonesia is Coinfest Asia 2023’s, official community partner!

This proposal aims to create a captivating side event at Coinfest Asia 2023, building on the success of last year’s event, to strengthen the NEAR community and ecosystem. The event will be hosted on NEAR Indonesia (Bali) and will focus on driving community engagement, developer activities, strategic partnerships, and organic growth within the NEAR ecosystem.

This occasion will also be energized by blockchain-based Dapps developed on the Near Protocol originating from Indonesia, including Paras (The Largest Marketplace on NEAR Protocol), Arkana (The Grand Prize Winner for Mass Adoption Enabler BUIDL ASIA), Geovox (Winner of Native Track Prizes at MetaBuidl III), and Ghosty (Recipient of Native Track Prizes at MetaBuidl III).

Guild / Community Name: NEAR Indonesia
User: indonesiaguild.near
Funding scheme : One-Time
Previous Proposal: [[Approved] Funding Request To attend Coinfestasia2022 Bali
Previous Report: [Report] Near brunch meetup Bali

Overview of Previous Meetups:

Current core team members:

Link to the Social Media accounts:
Near Social: https://near.social/#/mob.near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=indonesiaguild.near
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearindonesia?s=21&t=5FguwbhzhHyI629CG3lGKQ
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEARIndonesiaHQ
Telegram announcement: Telegram: Contact @nearindonesianews
Medium: Telegram: Contact @NEARIndonesiaHQ
Tiktok: NEAR PROTOCOL INDONESIA (@nearprotocol_id) | TikTok
Youtube: NEAR Indonesia - YouTube
Instagram: Near Indonesia (@nearguildindonesia) • Instagram photos and videos

Expected Impact and Value:

  1. Transactions Increase via NEAR Interactions: The side event’s focus on engaging participants through NEAR products like keypom, near.social, or I AM HUMAN is expected to lead to an uptick in on-chain activities. As attendees actively interact with these tools during the event, it will likely result in increased transactions on the NEAR network.

  2. Developer Activities on bOS: By attracting developers to the event and showcasing the potential of bOS widgets on NEAR. The event’s emphasis on hands-on workshops and showcasing Dapps built on NEAR Protocol from Indonesia will encourage more developers to engage with the platform.

  3. Increase in Community Size Organically: The engaging and informative nature of the side event is expected to attract new community members. The event will likely result in organic community growth by offering insights into NEAR’s potential, showcasing successful Dapps from Indonesia, and highlighting opportunities for participation.

  4. Business Partnerships: The proposal aims to encourage regional communities to establish partnerships with local businesses and organizations, promoting using NEAR Protocol.

  5. Educational Workshops: The side event’s workshops will equip the community with knowledge on various products built on NEAR. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical skills, enabling them to use these products more effectively.

Overall, the event is expected to have a positive impact on the NEAR community, promoting growth, collaboration, and adoption within the ecosystem.

Metrics for Measuring Success:

  • Transaction Volume: Measure the increase in on-chain transactions during and immediately after the event. (>50 on-chain activities such as posting the event using near social.)
  • Near.social & I AM HUMAN Adoption: Monitor the number of community members who register and actively participate in activities on near.social during and after the event. (>30 near.social & I AM HUMAN)
  • New Community Members: Measure the growth of the NEAR community by tracking the number of new community members. (> 50 members telegram group)
  • Feedback and Satisfaction: Collect feedback from event participants through surveys or feedback forms to gauge their satisfaction and the value they derived from the event. (>20 feedback from participants)
  • Follow-up Actions: Monitor the post-event actions taken by attendees, such as continuing engagement in NEAR’s ecosystem, contributing to the community, developing new projects, or advocating for NEAR within their networks.

Similar to the event held in the previous year, we expect the presence of over 50 attendees.

  1. Preparation Phase (1 week before Coinfest Asia 2023):
  • Assess the requirements for the side event and confirm the date and venue in Bali.
  • Plan the event format, including workshops, presentations, and Dapp showcases.
  • Identify potential speakers, presenters, and Dapp teams to participate in the event.
  • Coordinate travel arrangements for the NEAR Indonesia team (5 people) from Jakarta to Bali.
  1. Event Promotion and Invitations (During Coinfest Asia 2023):
  • Utilize Coinfest Asia 2023 as an opportunity to promote the NEAR Indonesia side event.
  • Engage with attendees of Coinfest Asia 2023, promoting the upcoming side event in Bali.
  • Distribute flyers, brochures, or digital materials to raise awareness and attract participants from Coinfest Asia to the NEAR Indonesia event.
  1. Event Day (1 day - Immediately after Coinfest Asia 2023: 26th August):
  • Host the NEAR Indonesia side event in Bali, targeting participants from Coinfest Asia 2023.
  • Feature workshops, presentations, and interactive Dapp showcase to engage the audience.
  • Ensure smooth logistics and technical support for all sessions and presentations.
  • Encourage attendees from Coinfest Asia to actively participate through quizzes, contests, and networking opportunities.

The revised timeline focuses on leveraging Coinfest Asia 2023 to attract participants to the NEAR Indonesia side event in Bali. Immediate action after Coinfest Asia will help maintain the interest of attendees and foster a strong sense of community around NEAR in Indonesia. Continuous engagement efforts and community-driven activities will further contribute to the growth and impact of the NEAR Indonesia regional community.

Funding Details:

  • Event Venue Rental: Budget allocation of $1,800 for securing a suitable venue in Bali to accommodate participants from Coinfest Asia and the NEAR Indonesia community.
  • Travel Expenses: Budget of $1,500 for the travel expenses of the NEAR Indonesia team consisting of 5 members (3 Core team NEAR Indonesia, 1 Content Creators, 1 Speaker talking about BOS) traveling from Jakarta to Bali. This includes round-trip transportation, four nights of accommodation, and meals during the event.
  • Event Management: Allocation of $1000 for event management services, which includes coordinating logistics, registration, on-site support, and overall coordination of the side event to ensure its smooth execution.
  • Event Promotion: Funds of $450 designated for marketing and promoting the NEAR Indonesia side event. This includes printing promotional materials, online advertising, social media campaigns, and other promotional initiatives to attract participants from Coinfest Asia and the wider NEAR community.
  • Speaker and Presenter Fees: Budget of $500 for compensating speakers and presenters who will share insights, conduct workshops, and showcase Dapps during the event. Encouraging participation from prominent figures and Dapp teams will enhance the event’s appeal.
  • Community Engagement and Prizes: Funds of $200 set aside for interactive activities, quizzes, contests, and prizes to engage attendees and create an inclusive atmosphere during the side event. This includes rewards for participants who actively contribute to the event.
  • Coinfest Asia Participation Fees: Expecting to generate $600 (5 members) from ticket sales or participation fees for attendees of Coinfest Asia events who are interested in joining the NEAR Indonesia side event. The fees will help cover additional event expenses.
  • Goods and Merchandise: Budget of $300 for producing NEAR-branded merchandise (e.g., t-shirts, stickers, etc.) to distribute to participants as memorabilia of the event.
  • Meals and Refreshments: Budget of $500 to provide meals and refreshments for the participants during the side event.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Contingency budget of $200 for unforeseen expenses that may arise during the planning and execution of the side event.

Total Cost: $7,050

Link to the Near Social: Near Social
AstroDAO : https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-indonesia.sputnik-dao.near
Name : Agung
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @Agung_djs
E-Mail : agungdjs21@gmail.com

Thank you for your support! :dizzy:


Please, can you attach numbers to this for clarity.

Do you have a target of particular number of developers?

Also, how many widgets should we expect to be built via this event?

Thanks, thanks

Based on the target audience of the Coinfest event, which includes web3 enthusiasts and not just developers, it is difficult to determine a specific target number of developers who will attend. However, during the event, we will conduct a mini workshop to provide an explanation of BOS.

The proposal has been updated.

thanks, @IgbozeIsrael

Thanks for answering my questions.

I am ready to support.

Thanks, and wish you luck with the event.


Thanks, Thanks @IgbozeIsrael

Hello, dear @agungdjs . Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later