[CLOSED - OPEN CALL] Creatives DAO Council Open Positions

The current Creatives DAO Council (@chloe and I) have been considering ways in which we can begin to involve more of the creative community in the daily operations and governance of the DAO vertical, responsible for funding creative Guilds and DAOs in the NEAR Ecosystem since June.

Therefore, we are posting our first step on the path to decentralization:
an open call to the creative community for council members.

How do I qualify for a council position?


Reply to this thread to state your interest with a bit about yourself, your Telegram handle, and the activities you’ve undertaken in the NEAR creative community so far.

Please submit your interest in being considered for one of the 3 council spots we are opening on the Creatives DAO by this Saturday, September 18 at 6pm EST.

What then?

After Saturday, we will assess the candidacy of each of the individuals who have replied on this thread and will [Approve] the 3 most engaged creative community members to post a new proposal to the SputnikDAO to join as a council member.

As soon as next Monday, September 20, we hope to have a fully-fledged council of 5 on the Creatives DAO.

These new council members can then expect to:

  • respond to and engage with all monthly budgetary proposals from the white-listed Guilds and DAOs to ensure that there is enough information present and the Creatives DAO [GUIDE]s are being followed within the proposal for them to vote in good faith when it goes to the DAO for a payout vote;

  • respond to and engage with all prospective creative community leaders posting their introductory posts on the Forum to help welcome and direct them to the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram chat;

  • engage with the creative community leaders in the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram chat - no one is expecting everyone to have the answers but if you have insights, information, or resources to share we’ll be looking to you to help our leaders trouble-shoot, brainstorm, and connect with one another;

  • attend and host weekly Creative Leaders meetups (traditionally held on Saturdays at 3-4pm EST but always subject to change dates and times) to help foster the NEAR Creative Community;

  • jointly work together to host another Creative Communities Forum event sometime in November or December to offer an additional opportunity for community members to connect and promote their various projects and activities (Reference: [PROPOSAL + REPORT] Creatives Community Forum event (not this forum, another one...) - #6 by mecsbecs).

For this, we will offer these 3 new council members $USD 500 for the two weeks of September; then USD $1,000 monthly moving forward for as long as they choose to remain as active contributing members of the council.

If the above sounds feasible and exciting to you, register your desire to join the council below now!


Following this open call, we plan on launching the Creatives DAO on Astro when it’s live at the beginning of October to be able to take advantage of the new UI and to further decentralize the council so every white-listed creative Guild and DAO is able to vote on all proposals (funding or otherwise) submitted to the DAO. We aim to get there as part of our Q4 OKRs - which will be posted before the month of September is out.


Hey there,

first of all I am very happy to see that the development and decentralisation is being taken another step forward!
Given that NEAR and especially the Creatives DAO has brought not only plenty of fun and new people into my life but gave also the opportunity to grow and create spaces where culture can happen in the physical space, I’d like to support the Creatives DAO and future creatives, if you think it would be a good fit. I am unable to count the NEAR related TG groups I am currently in, but there are plenty :-p

To get a quick overview of what I have been doing so far in the NEAR universe:

  • former community manager of Arroz Criativo DAO
    I was introduced to NEAR through Arroz Estúdios and was team lead of the crypto integration team as well as the community manager. We started to implement NEAR in the physical studios and distribute funding to the residents and I am happy to see that the implementation is moving forward.
  • Co- founder of the mutiDAO
    During the last Hackathon in May @thefalmon and me participated actively and decided to out our previous ideas of a physical collective into practice. We submitted several creative ideas & won an honorable mention for our idea of implementing a social coin for a collective governance of arts. The mutiDAO was born and is currently funding several different artistic projects and physical events in Portugal.
  • currently assisting @mecsbecs in the creative activation of NEAR | CON
  • council member in the Lisbon City Node to give guidance and help the setting up of a decentralised city node in Lisbon in order to provide funding for creative projects in the wider area of Lisbon

Before & outside of the NEAR universe I have always had a strong connection to culture and cultural communities, I’d consider myself a quite sociable being and enjoy connecting people.

Let me know if there is anything else that would be of your interest.

TG handle @tafu2


This opportunity would definitely help me level up in the ecosystem, but I can’t help to wonder if it might also be a conflict of interest with NxM. Any thoughts on that? Also @mecsbecs we’ll be having a chat later, so maybe I’ll bring it up with you then as well.


Hello there :blush:

It feels exciting to see the development of the Creatives DAO and for me it is a pleasure to follow what you guys have been doing and to keep an eye on the projects the DAO was able to support so far. Beautiful to see :star_struck:, fun to be part of it :dizzy:.

Now, presenting myself here: I’m a Brazilian visual artist living in Lisbon since 2013, you can find my work in here . Since March/April till August I was part of a project supported by community fund called Planting AIR at Arroz Estúdios, I helped the artists to set up their studios and supported them with their artistic project. In April I entered Arroz Criativo DAO and the crypto integration team there alongside Tabea and Steven :slight_smile: learning a lot with each other, voting on proposals and giving feedback to the community.

Since May I’m a co-founder of Incubadora alongside @Samiasns @frnvpr and @mecsbecs. We started in May Hackathon proposing creative ideas and ideating a better art ecosystem, once the artists and cultural practitioners are always put in precarious economic situations and our purpose is to help changing this pattern. We are currently implementing an online art residency focused on VR and New Media, with a strong educational side with workshops, talks and seminars called POLIEDRO. We onboarded artists, speakers and shared knowledge about governance, Near and blockchain, plus we paid the artists and speakers a participation/workshop fee. We are also preparing the way to support more artists financially with an Artist Stipend Program for visual artists. We supported @hevertonharieno to set up another DAO that has a great purpose of supporting immigrants, specially immigrants living in Portugal, called CUDO. They are totally rocking with plenty of beautiful projects!

I’m also part of VR-DAO council since July, helping VR community to grow, facilitating interactions within the community and inviting vr-related artists to be part of the council (@nearestchico + @naes). It has been a beautiful start and we are hoping to keep expanding the VR community within near ecosystem and keep ideating ways to improve our DAO.

I am loving being able to help other artists and support their careers. For me it’s a dream come true, something unimaginable without this ecosystem. I feel proud and lucky with all efforts I’ve been making alongside my team partners helping reshape not just the art ecosystem, but to build together an alternative to the centralized finances and governances.

let me know if I missed something in here :stuck_out_tongue:

TG: @JuMatsu


From a high level, I do not see an issue with “conflict of interest”, mainly because of the transparency provided by the DAO. Since all of the transactions are public and trackable, and are also paired with an open discussion on the forums, the community can always share when they have concerns.

Also, @mecsbecs and I will stay on the DAO as impartial members to be able to vote down anything that seems fishy. As we move to astrodao.com, we will have the ability to move to an alternate governance model which should alleviate concern even further.

From a high level, Rebecca and I would be “core council” that could vote “NO” and immediately cancel any vote, but aside from that, the “community council” would be able to vote proposals through with the current governance model “50%+1 needed to pass with a grace period” (grace period is where Rebecca and I would have time to look over the transaction and either do nothing, or vote “NO”.


Greetings everyone! Most know me as Vandal, but my mother calls me Jason. I’ve been involved in things here on Near since Mintbase launched the Testnet and through NxM I’ve been assisting in the growth of the music community, minting NFTs, managing DAOs, experimenting with social tokens and having a blast in the ecosystem.

I’m now looking at how I can apply the things I’ve learned along the way, level up and help to use the skills I will acquire as a part of the Creatives DAO Council to assist in the governance of the various communities I’m helping build along the way.

Getting this structure in place and learning from both @chloe and @mecsbecs will help me achieve this, plus I think I make a pretty good candidate!

Thanks for considering me!


This response has been great and @chloe and I are happy to announce that @tabear @JulianaM @vandal will be joining the Creatives DAO as our first three community council members.

Looking forward to talking next steps on the call on Monday and I’m personally so delighted by the interest, passion, and dedication I know these three new members will bring to the council! :star2: :star2: :star2:


Happy to be part of all this :sparkling_heart: :dizzy: excited to start and to work with this beautiful team :unicorn:


woot woot!!! Looking forward to it!


Congratulations to the new council members! Thank you for taking this responsibility and supporting our creatives. You are awesome! :heart_eyes:


Congrats! Nice team!