[Closed] NEAR Stars Guild October plan and budget request

Hey people of NEAR marketing!
Stars Guild wants to go further and reach greater audiance.

Here are influencers that we will work in Ocotber with:

Crypto Top Things To Know has 15.8K subscribers
Got +3k views last time. Will concentrate more on NEAR event promo for october.

Rich will interview one of NEAR founders/co-founders
Crypto Rich (22.9K subs) Crypto Rich - YouTube

Prestito Crypto will make a general review showing steps how to purchase NEAR and share content on his Twitter and TG also.

HOT Crypto News will perform a +10 min video review and post our info on 3 TG groups with +50k legit followers.

Firoz also will go with the general review + shoutout to upcoming NEAR projects.

Waiting from him +1k views. Maybe not a big ammount, but love quality of his work and he wants to go longterm.

Andy https://www.youtube.com/c/BlockchainAndy/ gets around +2k views on general reviews, additionally he will get attention trough his +20k follower twitter.
His channel always has wide discussions in comments, so it’s cool from his side to make NEAR noticed.

Love the style of LJ Alves:
He doesn’t ask much, looks into long term and has +3k views on average. Will also give NEAR more attention trogh his social media channels.

From the top performing this month we want to start to work with:
Professor Crypto https://www.youtube.com/c/ProfessorCrypto/
+25k views on average and will share us on his Telegram. Asked funding in BTC or ETH, will make the convertation for him.

Crypto Space is another giant with +15k views on video average. https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoSpaceUSA
For such a budget for future feel that we will concentrate more on big youtubers due the “views to cost” mechanism.

For rest of the team.

@holuongduc will work with Hidden Gem Team this month (43.1K subs)

They will preform antother 4 videos and 2 articles about NEAR protocol.

About rest of the team.
There we want to give updates to our workflow, welcome our influencers and post general news of NEAR related to marketing. So Yana will take care of our Twitter account:
and will assist us with info collection trogh whole NEAR commune to get essential content for youtubers to talk about and share our influencers videos trough NEAR innner channels. Youtubers also would like to get noticed inside NEAR.

For NEAR reviews will go deep into these topics:
General view of NEAR protocol: http://near.org/
We got a lot of NEAR guilds based on plenty niches https://nearguilds.com/
Chances to get easy funding for devs, creatives, NFTs and artists: https://www.sputnik.fund
And a peek on NEAR coin charts, they do it really well.
Additionally let people know about our October hackathon, promote Cheddar farm and see who needs additional promo with help of people of OWS sandbox.

Had a chat with Kitchen guilds leader @Lolson_tg
We do almost same things and got similar leader mindsets, for now we don’t see ways to collaborate since both guilds see own guild growth differently. Had a lot of inspiration and keep thingers crossed that every plan of Kitchen Guild comes true.
We will have a healthy competioton about which influencers guild reaches the most audiance. :sunglasses:

How big audiance we plan to reach in October?
In youtube views +55k views.
Additionally with TG, Twitter and other youtuber cross-platforms aditional +200k impressions (not potential reach according to subscribers or followers).

Budgeting for youtubers:

Crypto Top Things To Know asked for 400 USD
Rich asked for 190 NEAR as fixed from past month (1300 USD)
Prestito 1000 USD
Hot Crypto News - 1300 USD
Decentralised Chain - 500 USD
LJ Aviles - 600 USD
Blockchain Andy - 1500 USD
Professor Crypto - 3000 USD asked in ETH or BTC, refused to get in NEAR.
Crypto Space - 3000 USD
Hidden Gem Team asked 300 NEAR for 4 vids and 2 articles (2100 USD)

Budget for youtubers is callculated to 1NEAR = 7USD, just to keep as reserve, if it will fall lower, we will think what can be done.
For influencers those are 2105 NEAR or 14’700 USD

For the team administration:
@Zhunda as guild leader (and workflows in other guilds) 100 NEAR (750 USD)
@holuongduc for souting, reaching youtubers and promos in Vietnam guild 50 NEAR (375 USD)
@ago_banan Yana will help with content management like collectiong news and events from NEAR and keeping promo workflow. 100 NEAR (750 USD)

For each sucesfull brought videos and media posts.
We will keep with same flat 25 NEAR per video (200 USD)
and for additional media 10 NEAR (75 USD)
October plan is to get 14 videos (14x25=325 NEAR) or (14x200=2800 USD)
And 5 TG and newsmaking posts. (5x10=50 NEAR) or 5x75=375 USD

So community management will take 720 NEAR or 5050 USD


@David_NEAR @jcatnear @cryptocredit @norah.near @Grace @satojandro
Waiting for your comments about influencers and budgeting. What should remain, what should be skipped or updated, or any topics about NEAR that should be mentioned by influencers.

Besides what are our plans for October.

  • Fulfill all uper described plans.
  • Bring another (at least two) agents who will work with their national influencers.
  • Set up working Twitter and beautiful design.
  • Get into Russian speaking youtube.
  • Give more atention to all NEAR community about what Stars Guild does.
  • Establish close partnership with at least 3 guilds (OWS and Cheddar farm on the list).

Am thinking about creating bit.ly link to octobers hackathon. We can use video descriptions and most of youtubers give a chance to be set up in top comment.
Last time it failed but will ask influencer to “speak out” that there is an invitation in descriptoion for hackathon.

If you got any suggestions about content, topics of coworking with these influencers, or want to join NEAR Stars guild - share your ideas in comments and follow us on our Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearstarsguild


@Zhunda thank you for mentioning us in your report! Yes, links bit.ly they showed themselves well this month! I think we all have a lot of work waiting for us! In the future we will find options for cooperation, I am sure.

Sincerely, Svyatoslav (@lolson_tg)

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Much respect bro!
Thanks for advices. :sunglasses:

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Should we be targeting YouTubers who don’t believe in the NEAR ecosystem?

Can you please denominate this in USD?

Hey David, sorry for later reply, had a looong flight til Montenegro, now am settled up.

When it comes to top youtubers they ask funding in BTC or ETH. Some accept TOP20 coins, so NEAR goes well. Some like Crypto space (as example) asked 2500 USD in same BTC or ETH, but if in protocols currency they ask bit more, in his case 3000 USD.
Still most of them feel comfortable recievieng in NEAR and to all of them i try to percude to pay in NEAR.

If you feel that we should skip Professor Crypto, let me know. Yesterday he wrote a message how it’s going on cuz they are working on project planing, so an interest from their side is live and his really good, wouldn’t pick him otherwise.

Yeah, sure, will change in USD and add @JThompson123 bounty for working with Lite Lidger ( [Approved]Wizards' Guild funding request Squad DAO ), he wrote a good scenario and will try to work with him in long term, had chat with JThompson and feel positive that he does same thing as Stars Guild, so we will colab with us and if Lite Lidger will want to go in leng term, he will join our team.



Managing what community? The NEARStars Guild Telegram? How many CMs are there?

Which Telegram?

3 TG channels that Hot Crypto News will promote additionally to his YT channel.

And another two newsmaking posts will be written by @holuongduc and promoted on https://hiddengemteam.com

About community management:
Myself will cowork with most of the guilds to get content for promotion and partnerships. Reah out new “agents” and do my best to grow our guild.
Yana will share created content inside NEAR community (to see what we have done and additional promo for youtubers, so they get noticed) and she will manage Twitter account, in Wizards Guld she made good results, really love the energy she puts inside to create audiance.
And @holuongduc will contionue spreading word and serchuning for influencers in Vietnam.
And rest is for agent bounties for managing workflow with influencers.

Telegram we just use to post updates on tasks that are done, not a promo channel like Twitter. Had thoughts to get there all of the influencers but in long term feel that it might cause a conflict of interests, so with them it’s better to keep up work individually.

In general tasks are separated among us, each one does thigs that we are best at.

Idk, hope i managed to answer questions.
If something more precise needed, let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @David_NEAR let us know if we are fine to submit proposal to DAO?

Cuz voting process might take week and youtubers with other influencers will need a week to prepear their work. Want to begin colab with them and give the most hype to https://genc.win event and some to https://nearcon.org , now as look at it it stays quiet but want to bring the most attention by end of october. As a plan is to give most attention this month to GEN C event and NEAR CON . Other content will be distributed and mentioned for rest of guilds.

Idk, if you feel that we should make changes to budget, please make suggestions.
As i looked to other guilds and companies dealing with promo +-20% of budget goes for administration needs. We want to keep balance between effort that community members put inside their work reasonable, noone here want’s to become millionaire in a day. :sweat_smile:


For $20,000 I’d really like input from the rest of the MarketingDAO Council

cc @marketingdao-council

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Ahh yeah, for @marketingdao-council
Please, if any contnent, events or news need to be shared by influencers, feel free to drop me links here on forum by PM or TG at @Zhunda to sync them with rest marketing activities. Would much appreciate it! :cowboy_hat_face:

Hey @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Let me know what needs to be done to make this proposal approved and voted up on DAO (just added it there).
Don’t want to miss the timing before NEAR CON and GEN C starts.


This is a huge amount of funding, and significantly more than requested in the past, are you free for a call with myself and the rest of the @marketingdao-council ASAP?

Yeah, let me know what timing your good. Am free till midnight CET comes, same for tomorrow, will find time, am flexible with that.
Share a google meet or a zoom link in PM.
Or @marketingdao-council catch up on TG @Zhunda for a group call.