[CLOSED] Metaverse DAO is looking for writers to the NEAR Metaverse Magazine n6

Hello Metaversians an NEARians!

Metaverse DAO is open 4 bounties for magazine writers!
The themes are: month news; old DAOs, new DAOs, web3 economy and you can choose a nice theme that you want to write.
To do this you only need to reply the post with a little abstract of what you will write about. When the bounty close we will pic a winner of each theme post and give to them 3 days to wrote the full text.

To participate you will need to:
• reply this post with a abstract with what you will wrote about
• Stay in one of the themes
• compromise to deliver the full text until May 26
• have a valid NEAR wallet

The final text will need to:
• be in English
• have your name/nick on it
• have a title
• have a reference image that we will use to create something to go along with your text
• have 1300 to 4000 characters with spaces
NEED TO BE ORIGINAL AND WROTE BY YOU (We are using anti plagiarism software. If a plagiarism is found the user will be denounced.)
• be send by message on the forum to @beetlejuice until may 26.

This bounty goes from may 16 to may 23.

Each final text will receive a prize of 100USD (100 USD in NEAR, at the conversion rate from NEAR payment, or in DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO)

Came work with us for a bigger NEAR


Hi. I’d like to write on Month’s News. It’d be a compilation of interesting activities that happened in the Near ecosystem and what happens in the Near Forum too. So many noteworthy activities are happening in the Near ecosystem, from New projects to DAOs doing creative things that deserves the spotlight. I’ll write a creative piece that covers these Near related activities that deserves the spotlight.

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I would like to be writer for new DAOs themes

  • The first DAO project – The DAO – created in 2016, made waves when the token sale raised the equivalent of $120 million, making it one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns in the world. While the basic principles and core values ​​of the DAO have remained the same, the DAO has changed a lot over the past few years.
  • In 2022, new Web3 users will find DAOs quickly established, globally scaled, extremely customizable, and exceptionally transparent on the blockchain. This is a tool capable of inviting anyone to create a simple and flexible business structure.
  • Extremely flexible, DAOs act as part of the NEAR Protocol’s commitment to facilitate the decentralization of the network for communities around the world over a fast, secure, and infinitely scalable blockchain. term. Through democratic, flexible and collaborative platforms, DAOs are empowering individuals with similar goals to come together and take action in a global way across borders.

I will like to write about the “WEB3 Economy”
Having the knowledge of the new system, I’ve been hooked ever since. and I Will like to utilize this opportunity to shed more lights on general information and insights that will help and guild newbies and everyone in the web3 at large from my knowledge and experiences in the web3.

I’m delighted to participate.

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Hi, I’d like to write on Web3 Economy.
The web we are experiencing today is vastly different from just 20 years ago, when it was just beginning to take shape. So how has the Web (or Website) evolved in the process of technology improvement, and more importantly, how far will it reach in the next stage. Is Web3 the future of the current Internet generation?

  1. How does Web 3 work?
  2. Advantages of Web 3
  3. Is Web 3 Trend in Crypto Investment?
  4. The Future of Web3
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Hi. I’d like to write about the Web3 Economy.
It’d be an essay explaining the Web3 movement and the natural evolution from the information economy (Web1) to a community-faced and community-owned ecosystem.
I’ll also be writing on how NEAR is contributing massively to building the future through Web3 technology and its goal of democratizing resources and the value captured on today’s Internet economy.

  • Understanding the journey from Web1 to Web3
  • The economic and social implications of a Web3 driven world [what should the future economy look like?]
  • Let’s talk NEAR:
  • What are we doing?
  • Where are we headed?
  • Communities within the community.
  • Decoupling the misrepresentation of Web3

Hi guys @beetlejuice

I would like to write about BeeTogether and its NFT fundraising campaigns for NPOs/NGOs with social impact.
We onboard Non-Profits from all over the world (examples: nature, animal protection, humanity projects), etc. and create a win-win-situation together with NFT artists.


I am very interested in writing an article about month news on Near. Here are a few ideas I will implement in my post:

  • Update the outstanding parameters of the month such as: Total number of monthly active wallets, Trading volume, TVL,…
  • Highlights of the month: Update general highlights of the month
  • Detailed updates on each project by categories such as Daos, Gaming, Nft, Defi

theme: web3 economy

"Perpetual royalties”?

Blockchain-based smart contracts offer the possibility to continue to reward creators and bring a more just distribution of wealth. But perhaps we should be more careful with the popularity of the concept of “perpetual royalty.” Does it refer to the word’s actual meaning, “eternal”? If so, how will we be able to fulfill eternal promises of profit? Moreover, what type of rights are we talking about when we mention perpetual royalties? If we truly believe that blockchain has a future, we must be willing to seriously engage in these questions.

by Mariana Hartenthal


Hi, When will the selected writer’s list be announced?


Hellow, this bounty is close, in a wile we will announce the winners.


The winners of the bounty are:


We will reach you by pvt message

Thank you all for the participation <3
Hope i see you all next month


hi all, hi @beetlejuice

how is everyone?

does someone have the link of the magazine?

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here is the metaverse dao store

and here is the link

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