[CLOSED] Metaverse DAO is looking for art teachers for May

Hello, World!

Metaverse DAO is looking for art teachers to make a event with 2 classes/workshops in it!

If you are an art teacher (professional or amateur) you can participate of this bounty.
Can be all kinds of digital art!

To participate you need to reply this post with a brief of what you will teach until day 26 May.

We will choose 2 classes and they will occur at 29 May.
Each class need to has 1 hour duration and will be at Jitsi (video-conference platform).

All the classes will be recorded for future YouTube upload and mint, so, if you apply to this bounty you give us the rights to use your image and sound.

Each class will receive 100USD (100 USD in NEAR, at the conversion rate from NEAR payment, or in DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO)

Came work with us for a bigger NEAR


I would love to apply to teach music production.



I would teach about music production process as a music producer with vast experience and also the importance of music in NFT and also how to mint and sell their music and beats as NFT’s

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Hey you. I would love to propose a class/tutorial/experience: being a bounty hunter and finding success. Possibilities beyond the art marketplace. About to learn how to participate and propose this activity so inspiring, fun and profitable. Let’s?


Luciana Colvara Bachilli (1979) has a degree in communication and is a social media specialist, broadcaster and commercial speaker since 1996, also graduated in class 2016 at the Experimental Dance Group of Porto Alegre. Luluca L was a non-binary trans everything, dissident, contemporary, independent, experimental, performer and visual artist between 2015/2020 and died to value their works. In the pandemic, they was reborn as L, post persona amateur invisible, and operates most exclusively in the web3/nft/cryptoart/metaverse ecosystems. Minter at Mintbase, UniqArt and Paras, partner of projects, stores, guilds and DAOs. 3XR curatorship lover. Bounty Hunter on Near forum. Head of NFT at @mutha. Also present in Tezos at Teia and 8bidou.


@toddpham @kodandi @calebav
if you are available, take a look at this, maybe some of you can go deeper into your subjects :slight_smile:


Wow I love this, please can I teach art and craft?

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I posted this at the proposal, the copy is here now
Hello meteverseDAO, my last class about Generative art was really fun :slightly_smiling_face:, and I wanna propose a second part for the class. In this second generative art Class I wanna show how to use sine functions, and rotation, to create animations using P5.js. Is really fun to use Math functions with P5.js and I wanna make a livecoding session to show it! :sunglasses:


We’re focusing specially on digital art, do you have an idea for that? If you do describe your plan to us :slight_smile:

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Hi, Here’s my brief for the next class.
This time we’re gonna make an animated poster
Looking forward to hearing back from you and from the community


Feel free to check out those animated posters in my Instagram : Login • Instagram

Brief.pdf (201.1 KB)


I will teach creative writing with a workshop to produce a piece of flash fiction in the science fiction genre that can be minted later as an NFT.

Here’s my last Antimétodo class on literary translation: Antimétodo 3 com Gabriel Felipe Jacomel - YouTube


This bounty is closed. in a wile we will announce the winners

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Hellow every one, Thank you for your participation

The bounty winners are


We will send you a pvt message

Hope i can see you all next month


Thanks Metaverse DAO! lets do it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :100: :sunglasses:


Thanks so much Metaverse DAO! Can’t wait

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Thanks metaverseDAO i wanna share the sketch I made at the class


Thanks, Metaverse DAO so much for giving me a wonderful opportunity.
Here are some asset files in the class (including project file)



Thank you @calebav and @toddpham ! We loved you classes!
You can request your payment on Astro :smiley:

Thanks a lot Klara, can we maike the request in DAI? thank you :100: :sunglasses: :white_check_mark:

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Yes please! You and @toddpham can make your payment requests of 100 DAI :slight_smile:

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