[Closed] Marketing stand at coinfest Asia for NEAR first cohort of the accelerator (Aug 2023)

Hello everyone,

Who am I
I am Ric the Program Manager for NEAR Basecamp at Outlier Ventures. In the attempt to boost the ecosystem around NEAR Horizon we partnered this year to bring to life the first cohort of an accelerator centered on NEAR early stage companies.

I have been invited to talk on stage at coinfest asia this next August.
The theme this year is Web2.5 and will attract a lot of interesting traditional brands and investors that are approaching the blockchain technology now. It has a great fit with the investment thesis of our first cohort

Negotiations so far
I managed to get 50% discount perk for our companies that want to participate and a special price for having a stand at the conference 7,500$
I think my presence on stage will be beneficial to the program awereness, but having the possibility to showcase the NEAR companies in a stand where also Animoca Brand will be showcasing their games in portfolio it would be the ultimate way to give visibility to the companies too.

The goal is to have them attract partnerships with brands that by reflection will join the NEAR family and investments that would speed up the growth of a venture ecosystem in NEAR. It will also improve NEAR brand perspective right before NEARcon in Vietnam.

  1. Create intros for at least 3 companies with traditional brands that potentially convert into official partnerships
  2. Create investor relationships with players with investment thesis on Web2.5 to attract 1M in fundings for companies of the cohort supported
  3. Establish an official presence for NEAR in an event that attracted 2000+ attendees and 300+ companies during the last edition.

My proposal is to dedicate part of the marketing dao budget to finance the presence of the companies at coinfest asia.
The request is 7,500$ and will dramatically improve the visibility of the cohort into potential big partners and investors.


Hey Ric, it’s great that so many people are willing to participate in the Coinfest event, last year the event was so spectacular and memorable. :beers:

The idea could be like holding a side event/ onboarding or doing collective event together

NEAR Indonesia will collaborate together with other project that already have reps here, some of which are: Meta Pool, Paras, NEAR Indonesia, Aurora Indonesia, etc to promote about NEAR, BOS and the ecosystem.

Since we already become an official community partner, If there is something we can collaborate on together, I am happy to support and looking forward to discuss about it


Let me know how we can be of help and collaborate. Instead of the stand idea I am happy to bring cohort representation at a side event.
I will aim to take with me some of the founders that are going through the program so they can be testimony of NEAR resources for early stage and advocate for building on the ecosystem. Sometimes I feel devs that are starting new protocols lack of point of reference of other successful founders.

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is this proposal for Regional Community or MarketingDAO?

seems like it’s for MDAO since he considered to represent his project and NEAR at the beginning

Hello, @Ric_OutlierVentures ! Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later.