[Closed] Marketing Gambiarra Dao April

Sorry, but I wouldn’t dare put a price on a professional’s work, but if this offer is coming from Dao marketing itself, maybe our marketing team can talk about it. @Natashacremonese @ViniciusGCP94 @macieira
Our marketing has done an impeccable job and very relevant to the growth of Gambiarra Dao, they have delivered a wonderful job.
Everything is detailed in our report.

Our Discord link

The filter are those custom filters that we use on the photos and videos on instagram stories. We will have this custom filter Gambiarra where followers of our profile can interact with the filter during their posts. A very cool tool and widely used within the instagram.
Natasha the creator of the filter can talk more technical details.

Thanks for the opportunity to dialogue and share our engagement with the growth of this community. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Dacha, I suggested the instagram filter due to the great use of sharing stories by the gambiarra artists, who tag the dao and the store, and even the social network. It’s a way to share the dao brand on social networks, and the filter is on instagram and also available on facebook.

I use Spark AR.

Thank you




Thanks also to those who answered the questions. Thanks again for calling Me,
Thank you very much to the entire Gambiarra team for the trust placed in our work, I am immensely happy and grateful to be adding to the growth and dissemination of Gambiarra Dao. Our team started everything for free, and even then we didn’t stop believing, we didn’t know for sure how the ways to work were, how to submit the projects correctly. Thanks also to those who answered the questions. Thanks again for calling Me, @macieira and @ViniciusGCP94 to work with you.


Impeccable, aggregating, educational and motivating, that’s how I would summarize the work of marketing. Just when we think it’s “done”, new great ideas pop up! Congratulations @Natashacremonese @macieira and @ViniciusGCP94 .


Thank you very much @cleusaraven your work together with @macieira in the MintbaseSunday is also adding a lot to our project and making it possible for all of us to join the Gambiarra DAO.


Hi Dacha

We are waiting for a position on our marketing proposal
thank you

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Good day, I proposed reduce some reward…

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Hey Dacha I can reduce by 50 Usd. 450 USD the instagram filter. We have work to do.

Total 4300 usd can be ?:pray:


Couple months ago I jumped deeper in YouTube production, $500 is great price for 4-5 videos from 1-3k subscribers bloggers. $500 slightly overpriced for me for for your channel.

but I can approve it.

Propose reduce to $200

Propose reduce to $100

Propose reduce to $50

Propose reduce to $0

Propose reduce to $400

Total budget is $2000. Would be greet yo see your road map by end of the year

Thank You :blush:

Hi all – this may be an unpopular opinion, but I have to express my honest concern over the overlapping funding requests from Gambiarra, OctopodeDAO, Femininu, MetaverseDAO.

I know you have explained in previous posts that there is a lot of collaboration and overlap among efforts in the Brazil/Portuguese community of artists and creators who are active in NEAR.

I generally applaud efforts to collaborate, but I concerned about the same core team members receiving funding through multiple different concurrent proposals.

There have also been formal complaints posted on the forum related to GambiarraDAO. Have those been resolved? It seems the DAO was in something of a state of disarray/flux last month and I prefer we are funding stable projects.


I have taught in 4 social projects simultaneously.

I believe that if the work is carried out, whoever hires knows what they are doing.


In relation to Gambiarra Dao, there was no formal complaint from our Dao but a formal report of misconduct by a past member.
The case has already been closed by the moderator so I believe to have been resolved. Technical issues were resolved (we were having problems in our wallet) and reports of misconduct I believe are still being investigated.
I do not believe that making a complaint to investigate facts that go contrary to decentralization is a disorder, on the contrary it is an act of courage and order within our Dao.
Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this once again.


@Dacha and @marketingdao-council , as one of the councils of Gambiarra Dao, I think it is very important to clarify that the work that has been developed by @macieira @Natashacremonese and @ViniciusGCP94 has been essential for the growth of the Gambiarra store.
All the promotion of FEMINU, which was a huge event, was done voluntarily. The work of these professionals in the social networks was essential for us to have 300 people at the opening, which is a lot for an art event in the metaverse.
Today I even did the design and assembly of an exhibition of Gambiarra artists in our Gallery, which was idealized and curated by @macieira, without it being in any proposal. There are 14 artists having visibility in the media and cryptovoxels and the entire Near network benefits from this, because an event always promotes sales and puts the Near network in focus, as well as the store.
The numbers reveal the performance of these professionals and they always deliver much more than they set out to do, so there is a gain not only for the store, but for the whole community and that should be respected. The reports are always very detailed and the store was growing considerably.
Just check the significant drop in the number of instagram impressions, for example.

This certainly affected the sale of the artists, as work was being done with the highlights that up until now have always been chosen by this group, including setting up research to see the artists who have been lying for a long time in an attempt to bring these people back into the community activity. This has not been priced so it is not even seen. Nobody knows, so I am clarifying here. It is hours of research and contacting each artist. I think this should have been specified in the proposal.
They continue doing volunteer work on the networks, even though they are not being paid, to a lesser extent, of course, and I am very sorry that people like these who should receive all kinds of incentives from the community, because they are always performing, teaching, motivating the artists of the community, are questioned comparing them to distinct activities such as blogging, for example. In my opinion they do much more than just marketing. They helped the FEMINU artists in many things, even sending links with information about Near, blockchain, metaverse and so many other basic information to help them. They did it and they weren’t getting paid anything, but they did it because they are people who want to see the community grow.
I ask that all this be considered and the values reviewed because reducing to 50 USD the salary of a person who is available 3 hours a day on discord to help those who join, share all the posts, create channel for each project that needs it, among other activities, doesn’t seem appropriate to me. I don’t see why reducing to less than 500 usd the person who will add to the site through code, the members of the dao, the projects done and doing the maintenance. Reducing to 400 usd two social networks that are being well managed as well as all marketing and advertising, with Twitter for example having 3 posts a day, doesn’t seem fair to me. It is not common to suggest such drastic reductions, like for example not paying for the instagram filter, when there is a proposal on this network that paid 50 USD for a single onboarding!!!
This team has worked very hard without payment, perhaps this was a mistake, because there is no recognition. So I ask that this proposal be considered from a broader point of view and fair to these professionals who make a difference in the network and exactly why Gambiarra wants to hire them. I urgently await a position because the month is almost over and they are still working, although at a slower pace. We need to reverse the losses of the month and continue to grow. We have more than 100 artists and they need this work.
Thank you,


As I always say “Tamo junto @Ghini !”. And thank you very much once again.


Agradeço cada palavra, cada frase @Ghini . Estamos nos esforçando bastante pra manter tudo em pé, tudo funcionando. É cansativo, mas toda essa estrutura é um sonho que estamos construindo pensando no futuro. Lógico que com incentivo todo o trabalho é mais leve, mas é um prazer realizar tanto com artistas tão incríveis.

Apesar de todas as dificuldades foi um prazer realizar o Dia Mundial da Arte (40 obras), a 5a edição do MintbaseSunday (23 obras) e foi incrível realizar essa homenagem aos nossos índios com o Dia dos Povos Indígenas (14 obras). Que venha o mês de maio! Vamos em frente!

Obrigado aos companheiros incansáveis @Natashacremonese e @ViniciusGCP94


@ViniciusGCP94 “Tamo junto” Vinnie. Thanks!


@macieira That is the spirit that I always come across in your group!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:



Instagram: Login • Instagram

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GambiarraNear


The marketing of Gambiarra DAO in the month of APRIL performed on a voluntary basis, without having received any kind of resource communication and advertising of DAO projects, exposure proposals through NEAR. Trying to communicate at least some projects so that Gambiarra was not invisible in social networks, which was performed by Natasha Cremonese and Alexandre Macieira who gave up their working time to not leave their colleagues in the DAO, and artists in the network who participated in the exhibitions without visibility. Obviously the outreach numbers dropped, as well as a drop in engagement was visible even within the network forum.

When a DAO, company, service or project has a team working to improve communication, publicity, and visibility, the results are always positive; unfortunately there is no way to give the same attention receiving 0 USD in payment for doing a job, which should be paid.

The DAO as well as others are under development, the NEAR will always be disclosed in any action that Gambiarra and in everything that its artists perform, we use its system and continue the work that was planned throughout the month of March to be held during April.

Without the funding, all the projects were affected in their dissemination. We use here as an example the exhibitions held by members of the Gambiarra community, only in the month of April happened the 5th edition of MintbaseSunday and the World Art Day Exhibition (Cryptovoxels) , in addition to the voluntary exhibitions of the Day of Indigenous Peoples (Cryptovoxels) and the exhibition “Path Finders” (Cryptovoxels) in honor of the first Gambiarra artists. Which are still on display and can be visited until the second week of May.

Project timeline: April 1 was the first post on instagram Gambiarra being the last on April 19.


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Today we follow 191 and have 338 followers (34 new followers) on Twitter. In the last 28 days the numbers shown are as follows: Tweets 54; Tweet Impressions 6,565K; Profile Visits 5,506K; Mentions 210.


Hi @Dacha, i hope everyone is doing well over there! Around here we are all doing well, lots of work, lots of events and lots of hope, cheering the Mintbase-NEAR network on as well. The proposals are starting to be sent, the month is starting and Gambiarra does not stop. Soon we will send Gambiarra DAO - Proposal Marketing - MAY/2022.


Good evening, ok, thank you