[Closed] July 8 2023 ETHMobile Miami 2023 sponsored by NEAR

Funding scheme: One-time

Initiative summary

Expected impact and value for the NEAR ecosystem/community:

ETHMobile Miami represents a groundbreaking and innovative event that will make history as the world’s first crypto festival dedicated to mobile technology. The impact and value it brings to the NEAR ecosystem and community are immense. By showcasing NEAR Protocol as a cutting-edge and scalable blockchain platform specifically tailored for mobile applications, such as with NEAR Mobile, ETHMobile Miami will attract global attention and position NEAR as a leader in mobile-focused crypto solutions. The event will foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and developer engagement within the NEAR community, nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of mobile-centric projects and applications that leverage NEAR’s unique capabilities.

  1. Estimated attendance: We are expecting approximately 1,500 participants.

  2. Target audience: Our primary target audience includes developers, startups, and members of the Ethereum community.

  3. Conference topics:

    • Account Abstraction
    • Ethereum Law
    • Mobile and User Experience
    • Social Media
    • Ethereum and AI
    • Wallets
    • Mobile Onboarding
    • Layer 2s
  4. Hackathon tracks:

    • Flashloans and MEV
    • Preserving Privacy, Infosec Corner
      • Connecting to the Physical World, Blockchain to Action
      • Oracles, Real World to Blockchain, and Proof-of-State
      • Connecting AI, Ethereum, and mobile
      • Free Format, bring your code to expand your team/Network

    Hackathon winners are eligible for prizes, including Cash and Services.

  5. Sponsors so far:

    • Solidity Law
    • BitBasel
    • Cointelegraph
    • Unlock Protocol
    • Owl Protocol
    • Coinpedia
    • TheBlockPedia
  6. Community Partner:
    ETH Denver

Metrics for measuring success:

To measure the resounding success of ETHMobile Miami as the pioneering crypto festival for mobile, we will focus on the following key metrics:

  1. Attendance and Global Reach: Tracking the number of attendees from diverse geographic locations will demonstrate the event’s global appeal and impact. This metric will reflect the extent to which ETHMobile Miami has reached and engaged the worldwide crypto and mobile communities.

  2. Developer Adoption: Assessing the number of developers actively participating in hackathons, workshops, and sessions focused on NEAR Protocol’s mobile capabilities will gauge the event’s ability to inspire and onboard developers into the NEAR ecosystem. We will measure the number of mobile projects built during the hackathons that utilize the NEAR Protocol, demonstrating the tangible results of developer adoption.

  3. Media Buzz, Innovation Recognition, and Branding during the Conference: Monitoring the media coverage and industry recognition ETHMobile Miami receives will reflect the event’s innovation and impact on the broader crypto and mobile technology landscapes. We will track press mentions, interviews, and industry accolades, which will serve as an indicator of the event’s influence and recognition.

  4. Long-term Partnerships and Ecosystem Growth: Evaluating the number and significance of partnerships forged during ETHMobile Miami, as well as the growth of the NEAR ecosystem post-event, will demonstrate the long-lasting impact and value generated. The event will foster collaborations, alliances, and projects that extend beyond the event’s timeframe, contributing to the ongoing growth and success of the NEAR ecosystem.

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:

Here is an estimated timeline with key achievement milestones for ETHMobile Miami, the world’s first crypto festival for mobile:

  • Month of July: Engaging renowned speakers and thought leaders, securing partnerships with industry influencers, and attracting sponsors who recognize the groundbreaking nature of the event.

  • Month of August: Refining the event agenda and event’s production to highlight NEAR Protocol’s mobile capabilities. The team will organize the conference to inspire developers to leverage NEAR’s innovative mobile features. The expectation is 1,500 attendees.

  • Month of September: Hosting ETHMobile Miami, a historic event that brings together global attendees passionate about crypto and mobile technology. Showcasing NEAR’s advancements and facilitating networking opportunities that foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

  • Months October and November: Evaluating the event’s impact, analyzing attendee feedback, and measuring key success metrics. Producing comprehensive reports highlighting achievements, partnerships formed, and the event’s lasting influence on the NEAR ecosystem.

  • Funding Details
    • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR (price based at the time of posting)
      $20,000 USD | 14,492 NEAR
    • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO
  • NEAR Mobile wallet: 9ce54029b50520a7011e10f51c853e83188f0a740d4d19aebe129276daf08215.
    • Wallet owner’s name: Jennifer Schorsch

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