[Closed] July 2023 onboarding/ social media marketing budget for C1 Guild

Thank you so much @Dacha , I will do just that.

Hello @rc-admins
Could you please help us C1 get some clarity regarding our proposal.

  1. we aren’t a regional community and didn’t submit our proposal to the regional community but the feed back from Dacha says you decided to close our proposal. Is the marketing DAO now same as Regional Community DAO?

  2. usually, when a proposal is closed, the admins At least provide some explanations to why it was closed and what is lacking. Could you please tell us what is lacking to enable us do better.

Your answer to question 1 determines if you will answer question 2.
I look forward to your feedback.
Many thanks.
Cc @IgbozeIsrael @Bakaka @rc-admins

Hello! I think it’s probably more related to CDAO About Us – C1 Foundation, but on the other hand, we have a regional community (Approved) TNEsociety onboarding, social media marketing JULY focused on musical activities. Need to fund the best category for C1 Community.

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Hello @Dacha , from our introduction which you referenced, C1 isn’t focused on a region and that is why we didn’t fill up the regional community form when regional communities were asked to fill it up because we’ve always maintained from the inception that we are not regional.

  1. following your answer, I’m meant to understand that our proposal was closed because you approved that of Tneociety. I don’t see why we can’t carry out our projects just because they got approved plus, they are focused on music, we are focused on onboarding developers for our game development project with Mamajgames as an end goal.

  2. In May, we submitted a proposal to marketing DAO which was supposed to run for a quarter but was told by the marketing DAO mods to make it monthly and return for funding evaluation after dropping progress report which we have done. We’ve worked hard, kicked off our university outreach and put in so much effort just to be turned down because you already approved a different community for onboarding artist.
    (Approved) April/ May 2023 social media moderation/marketing budget for C1 Guild - #25 by satojandro

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay if we don’t get approval sometimes but it’s also important that we know why so we can adjust and do better but rejecting us because you already approved another community who is doing something entirely different through the regional community Dao just doesn’t seem fair and mistaking C1 for regional community when we’ve always been Clear that we aren’t limiting ourselves to a region isn’t fair either.

Please, we aren’t a regional community and our proposal wasn’t directed to the regional community Dao. Our tag says it all.

Like always, I am thankful for your feedbacks.

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Hi @Bakaka @IgbozeIsrael @rc-admins

I’m hoping to get some feedback back from you.

Many thanks.

Ok, ok, moved back. Thank you for clarification!

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You’re welcome and thank you too for always being here to listen and respond.

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Thank you! Happy to support your proposal.

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I appreciate that, thank you again.

Thanks for your proposal.
One question; how are these KPIs for a planned developer onboarding event?

Should the focus not be; number of expected visible things to be done on NEAR? Maybe bOS?

Does this mean you have onboarded 20 developers or you will onboard 20?

Final question

Do you have a developer in your team?

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Hello @marketingdao-council and @Dacha just for clarity.

Why can’t C1 guild put this proposals together?
Asking for funds from two different places in same time with similar KPIs.

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Hello, @IgbozeIsrael , good morning.

We aren’t hosting any event and we are not asking for funds to host an event. Our team members are “volunteering” to go on an outreach to introduce Near and onboard Developers. We might in the future but we don’t want to jump into that for now since it involves a significant amount of funds.

  1. We will be onboarding the developers .

  2. yes, we have Developers in our team currently.

@okolipraiz , @Ibrahimbk , @Kingdavid etc .

Also, the 20 is the minimum number there is no maximum cap.

Thank you.

This is because marketing Dao does not fund creative projects.

All projects are focused on the ecosystem’s goal but must bring back individual achievements.

The KpI isn’t for the entire projects. For instance, this Marketing proposal is expected to deliver the minimum of 20 developers that it promised, the creative projects will also deliver their promised KpI.

At the end of the report, the marketing team will drop a report for this project with evidence that it delivered it promises just like any other project.

Let me also add that when when creative projects add onboarding New members to their kpi’s, their focus is mostly “onboarding New creatives, artists, and NFT curators” .

The developers we onboard through this project won’t count for any other project.

I don’t know if I’ve been able to answer your question but we will be more than happy to have you on a call to explain more if you want more clarity.

Many thanks.

Good morning. Thanks for the answers provided thus.

Have your developers built anything on bOS? You should show it.

Also, can you or they send links to their GitHub accounts for verification.


Thanks for the answers to my questions and concerns.

However, the major concern is the KPIs that count from social media.

In this proposal, there are a lot of focus on social media and then 20 developers.

Given that your proposal with @creativesdao-council also mentions social media increase as KPIs, and the two proposals are for the same month. The concern now is; how shall the two KPIs be differentiated by the end of the day?

How shall the community know from where or which events the social media increase is coming from?

Thanks, thanks

No, they haven’t built anything on BOS. If you noticed from our proposal, we are moving to BOS adoption not just for them but all developers we intend to onboard. That’s the direction/focus of our community beginning from July. The AAN’s are meant to revolve around this also.

GitHub accounts:

Let me begin by stating clearly that the creative projects proposed to the creative DAO has different aims, objectives and goals although interrelated from the marketing proposal. Their reports won’t include anything social media activities or onboarding developers.

If you noticed, all Creatives projects are independent with independent kpi’s and will turn in independent reports. The only reason anything marketing is mentioned under the creative Dao Is because of the creative Dao 10% marketing allocation stated in the guideline and we direct that funds to pay the social media moderator and the designer and it’s clearly stated on the proposal and it’s same for every other community.

I think you’re noticing it is because C1 ensures that individuals overseeing any project drops the proposal and report on the forum before it is compiled unlike other communities who just present the proposals together.

hello @IgbozeIsrael

what i understand is that the regional dao is trying to get some funds from the marketing dao for this round of funding?
but to try lumping proposals together? mix up proposals? and nitpick at a proposal that was asked to come back, has been refurbished and beat up to the point that we are hardly hanging on?

we do not understand why you’re questioning in this line? the conversation about kpi is something that’s not only glaring but also has history in it. if you’re to step in at this point to put in any input it should be with intense understanding of the backstory.
we spend so much time putting together our proposals. over and over again we’ve been told to go back to make it work.
i would love if you could check back at the history of our approved marketing budgets and results.

Dear C1 team! Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later.


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We understand and look forward to next time!!

Many thanks!!