[Closed] iCREATE September 2023

• Introduction
iCREATE is a bridge between creativity and block chain.
The idea of iCREATE is providing a platform where individuals can connect their everyday life to the web3 hub.
iCREATE will cover talents and potentials ranging from videographers, music artists and even those in the world of art.
We are building a bridge between creativity and blockchain through the NEAR ecosystem, a lot of talented individuals especially in my part of the globe are literally wasting away because they do not have the right platform to express themselves. That is where iCREATE comes in, a door where talented individuals can connect with the web3 hub in their own unique ways.
Creating a platform for creatives to showforth their talent.
The main aim of iCREATE is to bring this creative minds into the creative DAO through the blockcahin.
As the CDAO said, they would like to focus on creating, we are going out there to on board more creative minds that they can work with.
The artists will be introduced to the opportunities that awaits them in the web3 hub.
This is a long term idea but we intend to start with music and art, and when this is fully established, subsequently we will go into videography.
We will also be starting it in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria.
Right in the highly esteemed University of Jos, Plateau state.

• Team experience
The team that will be involved in carrying out this project are people that are highly involved with the ecosystem and have in-depth knowledge about web3 in general. One of the major team members that I (yojoh.near) will be working with is kekiboh.near, who has been highly involved in the activities of the ecosystem for a while. He worked with open sandbox, he was also involved in the music competition organized by TNE society.
We will also be inviting a guest from the NEAR space to take the educational session of the fest. His total transport fare and upkeep will be $500

• Value Proposition
iCREATE will bring in more creative minds into the CDAO for them to work with and would also enlighten more people about the ecosystem.
Everyone that would be involved in this community, both the artists, workers and even supporters will all have a near wallet thereby ensuring that they are actively involved in the ecosystem
Every one of the artist that will prove themselves worthy will be introduced to the CDAO.

• Active wallets
From the whole fest, we are expecting roughly 200 wallets to be registered on NEAR.
A near wallet will be created for every artist who intends to participate in the fest.
The criteria for voting is a near wallet and a near social account.
For onboarding of the artists and the voters, we will be using sharddog.

• Alignment of purpose
The basic purpose of the CDAO is to bring in more creative minds into the blockchain, that is my entire purpose for creating this community, I strongly believe that my community will bring in the next generation of creatives that will boost the purpose of the CDAO and the ecosystem.

• Partnership roadmap
The artist will be taught all they need to know about the BOS on the day of the auditioning.
And at every stage, there will be an opening class to teach people about the ecosystem.
There will be three stages after the audition.
The first stage, voting will be divided into three parts, Near social carries 70percent of the voting, twitter 20percent and instagram 10percent. This plus the decision of the judges will determine who makes it to the next stage.
The same process goes for the second stage and finally, for the last stage, every voting will be on NEAR social, everyone that intends to vote will do it on near social.

On boarding of the artists and voters through shard dog- 100usd
Transport fare for team member (since I am the only one who based in Plateau state) and upkeep- 500usd
There will be 3 winners for the music section and one winner for the art section
For music section
1st runner up- 50usd
2nd runner up- 30usd
For art section
Winner- 50usd
Consolation prices-50usd
Venue for the fest- 100USD
Publicity(fliers, social media awareness, tracts)- 100usd

Social media manager- 50usd
Judges-60usd each
Other hands that will be needed to aid the smooth running of the event- 40usd
Instruments for fest
Stage lights-100usd
Sound mixer-30usd
Microphones- 30usd
This will be a one-time based funding in regards to this fest.
Total budget- 1,900usd
Target wallet- yojoh.near


After close consideration and a thorough examination of your project, we have decided not to move forward with the partnership, as the necessary requirements have not been met, and there are no clear benefits for both sides of the proposed partnership. With that said, I am closing the proposal.

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thanks for considering