[CLOSED] fundraising workshop


Proponent: Natasha Cremonese

NEAR account for payment:

Project timeline:

07 project organization

12 to 30 execution and reporting

payment hash: NEAR

Objective: Train people belonging to or managing DAOs in fundraising with companies, exposing the main concepts and strategies of this activity.

Payment: 500 usd in near

400 usd in near giogoretti.near Ministrante
50 usd in near natashacremoneseartista.near introduction of the lecturer and help with writing the application and report
50 usd in near ghini.near introduction of the lecturer and help with writing the application and report

Rationale (benefits):
DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are independent communities that have proliferated in the virtual universe. However, as virtual social organizations, fundraising is still a challenge. It is noteworthy that fundraising with companies is not such a simple task, requiring technical training to be successful. Thus, the course proposal contributes to one of the problems related to the management of DAOs, that of economic sustainability.

For those who are starting out in fundraising, the understanding of techniques and strategic tools can transform a task seen as arduous into opportunities that lead to the economic sustainability of DAOs. It is not about an isolated journey, but about DAOs building together subsidies for their economic sustainability.
This course is the first in a series of courses that aim to bring opportunities for DAOs to become professionalized in management, project development and fundraising, aiming at the sustainability of virtual communities.

Speaker: Dr. Giovana Goretti FeijĂł de Almeida, PhD in Regional Development, international researcher, advertising specialist in branding (strategic brand management). Did a year of mentoring with Ambev CEOs in Third Sector Management, worked with Brazilian NGOs in the sector of elaboration of socio-cultural projects and fundraising.

Deliverables: 04-hour course with a professional with more than 15 years of experience in fundraising in public and private organizations, as well as the delivery of a certificate IN NFTS FORMAT to participants who obtain at least 75% attendance. In addition, at the end of the course, a bilingual ebook with the best practices in fundraising with companies will be delivered.
What is being offered? Technical knowledge and best practices in corporate fundraising.





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