[Closed] Fstrings show in Vênus


Proponent: fstrings.near
350 usd

Time line:

09/05 - Project start
09/08 - Posting the project
09/11 - Publicizing
09/18 - Physical event day
09/20 - Editing the generated content
09/25 - Posting
09/30 - Final Report


Sponsor the concert of the musician and singer Francine Stringuini, Fstrings bringing unpublished author songs and cover versions in a physical fair of female creative economy called Vênus Feira. In its 5th edition with an approximate circulation of one thousand five hundred people, organized for artists, the fair is a hub that brings together exhibitors from the city and around Santa Cruz do Sul, located in the center of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The relevant artist in this scenario will raise the public’s awareness to the nfts that will be generated with the event and raffling the octopus plush octopus.
The dao will be exposed on stage through the artist’s costume and the banner exposed on stage as well as the tent inside the fair taking arts that are coined as nft, illustrating in a didactic way to artists and enthusiasts the current market possibilities, stimulating them to express themselves inside the blockchain. We hope with this moment to generate the following products.


10 nfts of photos from the show,

1 short video on youtube and production of material for dao’s instagram

Opening of portfolios for artists through the donation of 3N

Every project carried out by Octopode has its percentage allocated to realizar.near as well as a percentage in the sales of nfts generated in this event

Portfólio Francine Stringuini

Bassist on res3rva band (videoclip)

Singer and bassist on Tear (Sobreviver Ep)


This is Beautiful Project!! Sucess!


Muito feliz em ver essa proposta! Sempre na torcida por você @fstrings :star_struck:


Final Report

Through the show held in a physical space it was possible to bring the people present at the event closer to the blockchain technology, through the show
Awakening the curiosity of other artists about a technological way of working their art.

With the virtual circulation the south region of Brazil was covered through the dissemination in social networks with a reach of over 4,700 accounts reached:






Physical products achieved:

Francine Stringuini’s show,
Octopode tent,
Dialogue with the public present,
Donation of dao products,
Sale of dao products,

Virtual products:


And a short video on youtube

Thank you very much


@Natashacremonese @ViniciusGCP94 @Carlos @macieira muito obrigada :pray: