[Closed] first wave concert/ outbreak cypher

Event Timeline : 1st - 31st July

My name is KELECHUKWU popularly known as COTMUSIC, I’m a rapper, musician and a record producer.
One of the best form of connection is human interaction and I am positioned in an environment where I interact daily with fellow creatives.
I believe that the word of mouth supersedes any other marketing strategy.

As a musician that understands and that’s deeply intertwined with the industry.
FIRST WAVE CONCERT/ OUTBREAK CYPHER will be first of it kind and also my first headlining concert.
Growing up in a music oriented environment, I’ve always loved making music with live musical instruments and interpretations

In this concert, All tracks from the first wave EP and more songs will be performed LIVE alongside a LIVE BAND

There will also be the first edition of my RAP CYPHER [OUTBREAK CYPHER] featuring 4 Rap Artist, The beats that’d be used for the Cypher will be produced by some of my producer colleagues in the ecosystem
4 tracked EP will be produced from this cypher which will be minted as NFTs and which also the Rappers and Producers will have royalties from.
This will be promoted alongside the event and it will be held on the day of the event.
This cypher will also serve as another means of publicity for the event.
The video coverage of the event will also be minted as NFTs, (highlight of the performances and cypher).

It will be an NFT ticketing event, Tickets will be minted from the NxM mint base store.

There’s going to be education by a member of the NXm community to talk about web3 ecosystem and nearprotocol
We are going to get a full record of all attendees of the event, open a near wallet for each of them and also introduce some of them to the Nxm community on telegram to explore the ecosystem.
There’s going to be a live metaverse streaming on cryptovoxel after the event

A strong ambassador is needed to portray the near and NXM vision in a good image and I possess all the qualities needed as I am a people-person, cheerful and understands the mission and vison and I can bring that to life.
Here is a breakdown of the cost of what we need to bring this vision to life.


  • Rehearsal Space before event - $50 x 3 = $150 (For three consecutive rehearsals)
  • Space for the Live event - $300 ( with full live band equipment and multi track recording)
  • Video Coverage - $100
  • Branded T shirt - $50
  • Payout for artist involved in the RAP CYPHER - $200 ( $50 each )
  • 4 Live Band Members - $120 ( $30 each)
  • Graphics - $30

A total of - $1000

Target - cotmusic.near

I promise to put in my all, to make this event a very Great and successful one. This is definitely going to be a major move in expanding the community and building the ecosystem.
I’m happy to answer any further questions or concerns as I’m excited about this opportunity
Thank you for your consideration.

@vandal @Paul @williamx @Monish016 @FritzWorm


Just confirming, as you mentioned the timeline 1st July to 31st july, will the event be happening multiple days?

Isn’t this should be the same? Usually the events charges combined, not separately for rehearsals and live event. Rehearsals are generally covered in stage cost.


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Hello @rahulgoel007 thank you for reaching out

No, the main event is just a day
The day of the main event is on 30th of July
But planning and execution will take a month as there are so many things to put in place

-Sales of tickets
-Making of merchandise
-And generally campaigning for the main event

And for studio space, fee is paid hourly and for each day it is being used for rehearsals, payment is being made
And for the main day of the event fee is much more because we’d be spending more hours

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How many people do you target? And Can you please share more details about the activities where it would be beneficial for NEAR?

Like onboarding of new users, expected reach, any plans to teach the attendees basics of NEAR Blockchain.

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Targeting at least 40 to 60 new users that’d be introduced to the near ecosystem

There’d be a Q&A session where attendees will be educated on Near blockchain, web3 and the NxM community

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Thanks for the answer!

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HI @cotmusic, thank you for the proposal.

Can you explain the way you’re using NFT ticket in the event? Do attendant needs to purchase for the ticket in advance? If do, what are your plan to sell them in an approachable way?

Do you have anyone in mind? and the topic seem large for a talk. How many people are expected to come to both the talk and the main event? I don’t think it’s a feasible task.

I don’t see a breakdown for wallet activating in your budget section.

I don’t see a breakdown for CV rental for this also. So did you plan it ahead?

Hi @williamx thanks for your feedback

Yes the tickets for the event will be minted on the NxM mintbase store and you’d need to purchase it in ADVANCE to have access to the event

Campaign for the ticket sales have started already

And for the education about the Near Ecosystem and onboarding
It’s very much feasible
I have a couple of community members in mind @Hawwal and @skthealternator

And intended to have a prerecorded clip from one of the community council member
They’d be a 30 minutes session allocated for this


Wallet activation will be on the day of the event for all the attendees

And we are looking at about 40-60 attending this event

That’s approximately 40- 60 wallet activation and new Members of the community

The streaming on the metaverse will prerecorded
Right after the event

Hey @cotmusic
Thank you so much for your proposal, we believe that every single proposal was created with goodwill to make NxM a better community. Unfortunately, your proposal wasn’t accepted after council review. We appreciate your input and thank you for engaging with us.
Feel free to submit your report in the next round.

Please also familiarize yourself with the guidelines below:
:point_right:Projects: [GUIDE] NxM Funding Guidelines for Projects
:point_right:Events: [GUIDE] NxM Funding Guidelines for Events

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Thank you for your feedback

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