[Closed] Consumer DAO V1 Application: NDC Budget Subcategory HOM-004P-1-1-1, Ecosystem

Greetings NEAR Community and NDC Members! We are thrilled to introduce the Consumer DAO, an initiative dedicated to spearheading the development and expansion of consumer dApps within the NEAR ecosystem. Our mission centers on merging the capabilities of blockchain technology with the needs and preferences of everyday consumers. By focusing on this intersection, we aim to pave the way for widespread blockchain adoption and significantly enhance the growth and diversity of the NEAR ecosystem. Our approach includes targeted support for consumer dApp developers, strategic funding, community engagement, and robust marketing efforts. We believe that through Consumer DAO, NEAR can become a leading platform for consumer-oriented blockchain applications, attracting a global user base and fostering a new era of digital innovation and user empowerment, contributing significantly to the NEAR’s overall vision of onboarding 1B users.

We draw inspiration from Illia Polosukhin’s vision for consumer dApps on NEAR. Here’s a glimpse of what NEAR uniquely offers for consumer dApps:

  • Easiest way to onboard users via FastAuth SDK - 5 seconds, no need to install anything, transact without tokens to start

  • Account model that can be shaped into anything: multiple devices without sharing keys, trial accounts, turn into NFT to sell account, turn into DAO to make it into a business

  • Send assets, tickets, or pre-paid actions via@keypomxyz

  • Push notifications to get updates from on-chain apps

  • Fast & cheap transactions, getting accepted within 1-2s and under 1c

  • Decentralized frontends creating new level of composability with user’s data

  • Social built on top of #BOS via

DAO Information

  • Name: Consumer DAO
  • Consumer DAO V1 Funding Proposal
  • Date of creation: 10/20/2023
  • Category: Ecosystem

Previous Funding

No previous funding


Astro DAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/consumer-dao.sputnik-dao.near
Telegram: Telegram

Applicant Information

Point of Contact: Wax
Near.social: https://near.org/near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=yourdad.near
NEAR Wallet ID: yourdad.near
Wallet ID that will be receiving funds: consumer-dao.sputnik-dao.near
Twitter: https://twitter.com/waxnear

Team Members

Wax - Founder and Host, Chill&Shill
Kiskesis - Senior Engineer, NEAR Ukraine
Ben - Marketing and Media, NEAR Horizon
Alex - Dev Relations, Google
Matviy - Associate, Berkeley Skydeck

Elliot - Software Engeneer, BuildDAO, Everything Project

DAO Charter/Goals

Charter Consumer DAO Charter - Google Docs

What problem are we aiming to solve?

The core challenges that Consumer DAO intends to address in the NEAR ecosystem are:

  1. Creating a robust consumer dApps ecosystem on NEAR:
  • Problem: The NEAR platform, while robust and scalable, currently hosts a limited range of consumer dApps. This scarcity hinders NEAR’s potential for widespread consumer adoption and limits the ecosystem’s overall growth.
  • Solution: Consumer DAO aims to actively identify and support teams dedicated to developing consumer dApps on NEAR. By nurturing these projects, we can diversify the types of consumer dApps available, catering to a broader audience and driving ecosystem expansion.
  1. Onboarding users:
  • Problem: The current NEAR ecosystem predominantly appeals to a niche audience, primarily consisting of individuals already familiar with blockchain technology. This limits the platform’s potential for broader, mainstream adoption.
  • Solution: Consumer DAO will focus on attracting new, diverse audiences to the NEAR ecosystem. By supporting the development of consumer dApps that are intuitive and relevant to everyday users, we aim to break down the complexity barrier associated with blockchain technology. This approach will help make NEAR accessible and appealing to a wider, non-technical audience.
  1. Onboarding Successful Projects
  • Problem: NEAR lacks a sufficient number of successful, large-scale consumer dApps, which are crucial for demonstrating the platform’s capabilities and attracting further developer interest.
  • Solution: Our DAO will actively seek and onboard high-potential consumer dApp projects. By providing these projects with funding, technical resources, and community support, we aim to nurture them into flagship examples of successful dApps on NEAR. This initiative will not only bring quality applications to the ecosystem but also inspire and attract more developers to NEAR.
  1. Funding Accessibility for Consumer dApp Teams and Developers:
  • Problem: Developers interested in building consumer dApps on NEAR often face challenges in accessing necessary funding or grants. This financial barrier can stifle innovation and deter talented teams from contributing to the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Solution: The establishment of a focused grant distribution program within Consumer DAO will provide targeted financial support to promising consumer dApp projects. This initiative will lower the entry barrier for developers and encourage the creation of high-quality, user-centric dApps on NEAR.

How can your DAO / Project achieve NDC priorities, goals, and KPIs?
Consumer DAO’s objectives are in harmony with COA’s priorities, specifically
P-1: Widening Adoption of NEAR
P-1.1: Outreach to New Audiences,
P-1.2: Onboard Successful Projects.
We firmly believe that consumer dApps are the key drivers in achieving NEAR’s ambitious goal of reaching 1 billion users, and our focused efforts aim to catalyze this growth.

ConsumerDAO goals and metrics:

  1. Objective (OKR): Foster a Thriving Consumer dApp Ecosystem
  • Key Result (KR): Increase the number of consumer dApps on NEAR.
    • KPI: Count of new consumer dApps launched on NEAR.
  • Key Result (KR): Expand the user base across all supported consumer dApps.
    • KPI: Growth in Unique Active Wallets (UAW) for consumer dApps.
  • Key Result (KR): Boost daily active users on NEAR consumer dApps.
    • KPI: Daily Active Users (DAU) metric for consumer dApps.
  • Key Result (KR): Increase transaction volume in NEAR consumer dApps.
    • KPI: Total transaction volume in consumer dApps on NEAR.
  1. Objective (OKR): Optimize User Experience and Streamline Onboarding
  • Key Result (KR): Support the development of user-friendly components and features that simplify and enhance the user experience on NEAR, making it more accessible and appealing for newcomers.
    • KPI: Number and impact of user experience and onboarding enhancements integrated into consumer dApps on NEAR
  1. Objective (OKR): Boost Outreach and Social Media Presence
  • Key Result (KR): Enhance consumer dApps’ market presence and user base.
    • KPI: Social Media Growth Metrics

These objectives and metrics are meticulously crafted to foster a robust consumer dApp ecosystem on NEAR. By focusing on user experience, community engagement, and brand amplification, we aim to significantly contribute to the expansion of NEAR’s user base and the diversification of its applications. Achieving these goals will not only benefit individual projects but also bolster the overall health and appeal of the NEAR ecosystem. The success of this initiative is expected to reinforce NEAR’s standing as an innovative and user-friendly blockchain platform, ideally positioned to lead in the era of mass blockchain adoption.


  • Month 1: $20,000
    • Grants: $20,000 - Allocated to promising startupsand projects building consumer dApps on NEAR that align with the DAO’s mission (2-4 per month).
    • Operations: $0,000 - Facilitating day-to-day DAO activities and ensuring smooth coordination among team members. No remunerations for councils or advisors during the first month.
  • Month 2: $65,000
    • Grants: $44,000 - Allocated to promising startups and projects building consumer dApps on NEAR that align with the DAO’s mission (2-8 per month).
    • Operations: $21,000 - Facilitating day-to-day DAO activities and ensuring smooth coordination among team members. Covers councils and advisors salaries.
  • Month 3: $65,000
    • Grants: $44,000 - Allocated to promising startups and projects building consumer dApps on NEAR that align with the DAO’s mission (2-8 per month).
    • Operations: $21,000 - Facilitating day-to-day DAO activities and ensuring smooth coordination among team members. Covers councils and advisors salaries.

Will your team be working on this project full time?
The council members will work part time, while the advisors will work very part-time.

Will your team be fully remunerated from this budget?
The compensation for council members is $4,000 per month (total $20.000). For advisors, the compensation is $500 per month (total 1,000), making the total remunerations $21,000 per month.

Project/DAO longevity

Does your project/DAO require one-time or continuous funding?
Continuous funding

Will your DAO device a way of sustaining itself after this round of funding?
Our initiative necessitates ongoing, monthly funding to effectively support and grow the consumer dApp ecosystem on NEAR.

What are the possible roadblocks to the success of your project/DAO?

  • Risk: Inadequate Developer Engagement
    • Mitigation: Establishing active communication channels, offering developer incentives, and organizing hackathons to attract and engage developers.
  • Risk: User Onboarding Challenges
    • Mitigation: Developing user-friendly onboarding tutorials, providing robust support resources, and employing user-friendly technologies like FastAuth SDK.
  • Risk: Insufficient Funding
    • Mitigation: Diversifying funding sources, establishing clear budgeting procedures, and actively seeking grants and partnerships.
  • Risk: Regulatory Uncertainties
    • Mitigation: Engaging legal experts to stay abreast of regulatory developments, and ensuring compliance with existing laws and regulations.
  • Risk: Technology Failures or Bugs
    • Mitigation: Implementing rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, and maintaining an active channel for bug reporting and resolution.
  • Risk: Competitive Pressures
    • Mitigation: Fostering a unique value proposition, staying updated with market trends, and building strong community engagement.
  • Risk: Data Security and Privacy Concerns
    • Mitigation: Adhering to best practices for data security, educating developers and users on security protocols, and employing decentralized data management solutions.
  • Risk: Misallocation of Grants
    • Mitigation: Establishing clear criteria and a transparent evaluation process for grant allocation, and implementing monitoring and evaluation procedures to track grant utilization.
  • Risk: Lack of Community Engagement
    • Mitigation: Organizing regular community events, maintaining active social media presence, and establishing feedback channels for community input.
  • Risk: Scalability Issues
    • Mitigation: Collaborating with technical experts to ensure the NEAR platform and consumer dApps are built to scale, and addressing scalability issues proactively.
  • Risk: Miscommunication or Misalignment of Goals
    • Mitigation: Establishing clear objectives and regular communication channels among all stakeholders, and fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration.
  • Risk: Market Adoption and User Retention
    • Mitigation: Conducting market research to align consumer dApps with user needs, and implementing effective marketing and user engagement strategies.

Love the Idea of a ConsumerDao :100::100: