[Closed] Budget Funding for Near Style and Merchandise DAO for the Month of July

In the introduction of the NEAR Style and Merchandise DAO ([Introduction] Near Style and Merchandise DAO) We made it clear the Intentions the DAO has for the NEAR ecosystem.
Below are the projects we would be engaging in for our first month of activity in the NEAR Ecosystem

Web3 quote prints (Web3 Quote Prints) $960
Bounty For Fashion designers (Bounty For Fashion Designers) $250
Bounty for Graphic designers (Bounty for Graphic Designers) $250

Opening mintbase store: $50
Brand Logo design : $100
DAO management and community maintenance :$350

And the sum total requested by the DAO is (960+250+250+50+100+350= $1960).


To Onboard at least 10 fashion designers into the ecosystem


Onboard 3d voxel creators into the ecosystem (since we are paying them in NEAR)

Make a minimum sale of 10 shirts from the DAO NFT store

Grow social media presence to a minimum of 50 followers on social platforms



Cool!:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: Im on it!!!

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Nice! Nice! I like it.

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Great, so you can use the Creatives DAO v3 to allow the community to vote for the best quotes and designs?

Or how do you plan to choose the quotes and designs?

@GeminiRising you had an experience running this voting like friends choose friends and not the best design, your experience could help here, what do you think about the Creatives DAO v3 where there is the whole community, the voting to choose the best designs could be done there?

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The quote and designs will come from the community decision. I think the creative council will have to cast the final votes. Being that some participants go extra to the extent of creating clone accounts and sharing to their friends in different communities to vote them.

The creative councils will be able to give their choices because we aim at giving the community the best. Thanks @FritzWorm

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We are still discussing how to deal with that. But one of the main things we will be doing is asking for active participation in our social media channels for at least 1 month before being allowed to vote. We are meeting on Friday to discuss more. I also like the idea of asking Creatives DAO to vote. But doesn’t that mean that people from Creatives DAO need to join the community on Astro? And how do the people in that DAO feel about doing even more work?


Yeah, I will not say that is more work as it is a community activity you can decide to participate in or not.

I did use the Community DAO for logo contests, choosing the best, and there were like 20 votes without reward for voting.

For sure there are more difficulties to overcome.

The 1 month participation is a great idea!

Thank u for your feedback :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for the contribution so far hope our funding gets an approval thanks @GeminiRising and @FritzWorm

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I have always wanted to be part of this movement… Thank you have kick start the activities of Near Style and merchandise Dao… Hope it get funded… @Dabbie3229

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Hey @Dabbie3229

Let’s say that you would make some sales from

How you would contact a buyer? How you will deal with shipping costs, and what price you are going to put?

Also, I assume that the price will be in NEAR currency, however, the N is not a stable one, maybe it’d make more sense to price it with stablecoins?

Besides, NEAR already has an established store with t-shirts, hoodies, etc, how do you see and rate the position of your DAO against this store?
What advantages you are going to have compared to the official NEAR Store?

Moreover, your proposal doesn’t have any metrics and is not aligned with Creatives’ guidelines.


Good afternoon from here @Paul thanks for your question. We are going to advertise our products using our different social media handles and the shipping costs will be included in the selling price depending on the location. Note price will be changing
Using the price of Near.

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Thanks for the short answer! What about my other questions, can I get a reply? :slight_smile:


Fam please you can go through this answers from the introduction.

Please @Paul I would love to see the guidelines for more understanding and clarity thanks so much for your reply.

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Please find the guidelines below:

I read your introduction and unfourtantely, I couldn’t find answers to my questions, especially related to NEAR SWAG store.

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I have gone through the styles and guidelines. And I have seen the difference but nevertheless our proposal contain them but not sequencially because we didn’t ask much questions before launch… I promise it will be duely followed during our next proposal.

About the near swagger the unique difference between our DAO and the Near swagger is this: we aim at joining Near Merch with cultural art of a people, unlike near swagger. Every nation will be represented in our DAO, researching about every cultural attires and producing near Merch with them. Including arts that has a special significance to each nation. Let Near be in conjunction with the people’s myth and symbols that connotes an important event of them. I hope this would answer your questions @Paul fam.

@Paul @FritzWorm fam, The NEAR Style and merchandise DAO will be organizing onboarding campaigns and web 3 training for fashion designers. As stated in our funding proposal we would be onboarding fashion designers into the ecosystem and educating them about web 3 technology and the NEAR Ecosystem

The NEAR style and merchandise DAO granting avenue for fashion designers to understand web 3 and Mint NFTs of their designs. As shown in the funding proposal fashion designers would find a basis to identify with NEAR and utilize its Dapps for their transactions through

The growth of the community through fashion designers onboarded , sales of materials and NFTs minted would be the metrics for this round of funding.

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wow ! @Paul i didn’t know about this shop and it’s so cool!
thank you for informing !
i didn’t get if it’s available payment in Near token?
i saw just DAI, ETH and someth else:)
and if you think there’s a chance to be added to Ecosystem on the store? :smiling_face:

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@Monish016 @Paul, @FritzWorm you can see the metrics at the end of the proposal…

Hey @Dabbie3229
Just got some additional questions, please answer if you can.
What resources you are going to use to print the t-shirts? (External company or your local one?)
Could you please give us more insight of your prices for web3 quotes? I mean what’s the cost table for that?

I understand your vision here, however, have you thought of coming up with a Fashion DAO (not merchandise dao), built the community of fashion designers, expand council and do the web3 quotes with some active DAOs in the ecosystem to build your position?
It’d be nice to see such activities at the beginning, especially a cooperation with the particular DAO, for example Fashion DAO & NxM collaboration?