[CLOSED] April - August 2023 Advertising budget for HealthGO

Project Name:
HealthGO Technologies

Funding scheme:

I am Divinegift A. Soetan CEO and co-founder of HealthGO Inc. on LinkedIn.

I would love to submit a marketing proposal for our product coming from the recommendation of the Regional Hub to get support to onboarding more users on our platform after building our product to be market fit and ready for use. 

I would be glad to partner more with the NEAR ecosystem in building real life solutions products on the blockchain as i and my team just did. 

Please find the project description, metrics and what we have in projection to do with this grant funding.

I am open to questions, suggestions additions and recommendations.


HealthGO is a global portal for general healthcare assistance and health data keeping leveraging blockchain and AI.

HealthGO is the first social impact product to build on NEAR from Africa, with our platform live on google playstore for use.

We are creating an interactive means to onboard web2 users to Near blockchain by 
providing quality healthcare to them, also 
 by educating them through the HealthGO in app educational platform.

**Current metrics** 
700+ signups
25k+ wallet txn and query 

To know more about our products and how we kindly visit `docs.healthgotechnologies.com`







Near wallet:
Owner: HealthGO Inc.

We would love to place a marketing proposal to grow our platform by getting more users, more wallet creation, and more transactions on our NEAR BLOCKCHAIN using HealthGO app.

**Below are the grant proposals summary and how it would benefit the NEAR ecosystem;**
1. Growing our signups to 5000 signup and up to 500 WAU
2. Allowing all signups opening a HealthGO NEAR wallet.
3. Ensuring all users makes at least one transaction weekly 
4. Educating more than 500 users on how to migrate from Web2 to Web3 using our in app educational platform to launch free blockchain courses to our users.
5. Partnering with NEAR community like NEAR Kenya to offer virtual Healthcare services to the NEAR community.

**Benefit to NEAR**
1. Onboarding over 5000 new NEAR wallet users
2. Increase in transactions
3. Showcasing near to over 1 million users marketplaces 
4. Showcasing NEAR as a blockchain for operating system to other developers in Nigeria and Africa.
5. Educating over 500 people been onboarded on the platform.
6. Launching mental health initiatives programs to developers building on NEAR.
7. Partnership with NGO for sustainable development. 

**Problem we are solving**

1. Onboarding native web2 users to NEAR
2. Web3 education on NEAR
3. Creating active use of NEAR wallet for payment.
4. Creating active way to interact on the NEAR ecosystem through in app smart-contract  integration.
5. NEAR ecosystem expansion 
6. Transactions increase.

1. 5000 Signup metrics
2. 500 Weekly active users ( active users would be measured by wallet transaction’s. With at least one transaction per week.
3. Telegram and twitter Community 
4. Partnership with NEAR ecosystem community and project.

**Estimated timeline**

1st of April 2023 to 30th of August 2023

**Funding details** 
We are requesting for a total of $10,000 with the following breakdown.

We are requesting for a $2,000 monthly payment for 5 month to be able to achieve our projected goal.

The budget with go into structuring a : 
1. Launch/signup campaign
2. A workshop/ meetup to educate community members about NEAR blockchain operating system.
3. One month event partnership with NEAR insider
4. Weekly Twitter spaces focused on Near ecosystem, near wallet and HealthGO platform.
5. 1 AMA partnership with NEAR INSIDER, and Near week.
6. Blog content/ articles on medium.

**Monthly Measurements:** 
1. Daily/ monthly post made across all our social media platform
2. weekly twitter spaces attendance 
3. Content / article created weekly
4. Signup growth monthly statistics 
5. Wallet creation monthly statistics 
6. Transactions by WAU at the end of the month.
7. Content creation for post ( graphics design, motion and animation designs)

Would be expecting a sincere revert from you

I would also be open to questions and suggestions from the team.

Thanks once again.
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Hi @Ricch.near

Can you please provide a detailed breakdown of the deliverables and the budgets they’re connected to?

Which channels will you create content and distribute your materials / promote?
Are these the channels?

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Linkedin

Per Channel - Give us some information

  • Number of Posts (by Channel)
  • Number of Twitter Spaces
  • Type of posts (Image, Threads / Text, Video)


  • How many articles?
  • What are the subjects?


  • What is the subject of the workshop?
  • Who are you promoting to?
  • Who will attend?

We need far more detail on this initiative before we can approve it.

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Hi @Klint
Following your request to provide more detailed information, here are my reply;

  1. Channels to be used to facilitate this activities are as follows;
    -Email Newsletter.

These channels are the company’s organic channel for communication from the product development team to our community.

Metrics per channel:
As a growing startup on the Near ecosystem, we have built the equipped team to build a clear measurable metrics for NEAR and HealthGo via this platforms;

Number of posts per channel:

  • Twitter: 3 to 4 post per day

  • Instagram: 2 post per day, 5 story a day, and 1 reel video per week

  • Linkedin: 2 post per day and one Linkedin newsletter sent out weekly

  • Telegram: as many discussion that can be raised in the group. Weekly telegram discussion task, weekly Telegram AMA.

  • Youtube: One intensive explanatory video per month.( Video would span from 5 to 20 mins long.

  • Medium: 1 article in 2 week

  • Email newsletter: 1 weekly Newsletter to be sent out to our subscribers every weekend.

    • Number of twitter space;
      2 weekly Twitter spaces per week
  • Type of post
    Our post would be in different dimension, we would offer content and post in the following types but not limited to this:

  1. images
  2. Threads,
  3. Text,
  4. Videos,
  5. Animation,
  6. Newsletter.

Medium Metrics would be measurable by:

  1. creating 1 article in 2 weeks, this articles would span from a 500 word length to 1500 word length.
  2. Topics/ subject around our Medium Articles would come from;
  • HealthGo as a blockchain product
  • NEAR as a Blockchain operating system, ( This is to cultivate an idea culture to other builders to build real life problem solving product on the NEAR blockchain.)
  • HealthCare Topic and solution
  • Benefit of been part of the NEAR ecosystem.
  • How to pay for HealthGo services in NEAR token using the HealthGo wallet.
  • Any other topic decided by the HealthGo team or requested from the community.


Workshops are basically created for the purpose of cultivating adoption by creating a close reach of Prospect users to both NEAR and the HealthGo ecosystem at large. So therefore subject around our workshop would be describe but no limited to the following:

  • Workshops topic includes:
  1. Uses of Blockchain technology in the Health sector
  2. Blockchain as a data storage product. ( Talking more on NEAR storage feature).
  3. NEAR as a tool of Blockchain operating system.
  4. Health, Finance, Blockchain, ( 3 major functions that the NEAR blockchain can be used for).
  • Who are we promoting to:
  1. One of our major target market is Healthcare practitioner and professional
  2. Healthcare institution
  3. Student Union Government body
  4. Blockchain experienced developers
  5. Blockchain enthusiast
  6. Crypto Enthusiast
  • Who will attend:
  1. Basically everyone we promote too would attend.
  2. We would be demanding representatives from NEAR African community to also attend.

Past workshop event can be viewed Here : Drive | Youtube

Hello! Where I can track the WAU? Thanks

Hi @Dacha,
There are two ways to verify, measures and vetting our Weekly actives users,

  1. The HealthGo platform accepts payment with Near tokens powered by smart contracts, and the Marketing DAO committee can verify WAU’s payment directly from our payment address via the blockchain.
  2. The committee can request app performance or metrics from the HealthGo team, and we would be open to revealing ONLY the app’s usage metrics and not our users private information.

Hi @Ricch.near – thanks for sharing your proposal. In reviewing this, here are my comments and questions:

  • We typically do not fund first-time proposers for more than a month at a time. I’d recommend revising this to request for one month to start so we can evaluate progress before allocating additional funding.
  • Can you post a link to the app in Google Play store?
  • In terms of how this spreads awareness of the NEAR ecosystem, there’s no mention of NEAR on your web site or your social media that I can see quickly – I don’t think all initiatives we support have to have the NEAR logo posted or be marketing NEAR constantly, but we need to see some logical connection between the technology and the initiative that will be evident to your audience in order to meet the guidelines we have.
  • Can you clarify how the app works? Did you build a new wallet based on NEAR or are you asking users to open NEAR wallets to use your app?
  • What kinds of transactions are they making and how can you guarantee a certain number of transactions (you mentioned 1X per week) from your users?
  • The initiative mentions giving users better access to healthcare by letting them pay with crypto vs. fiat. Do you have healthcare providers who are partners with your project? What kind of healthcare can your users currently access with your app?


Hello @so608 thanks for the overview.

  • Yes, Firstly we can reduce our first time proposal to a month if that fit into your guidelines.
  • Secondly here is the link to our app on Google playstore : Here
  • In terms of spreading awareness for NEAR Blockchain we have basically done that and we are still doing. Starting from out median event held last year we publicly displayed NEAR as a blockchain operating system, which therefore brought an hype to Near blockchain in Nigeria and therefore we say more developers begin to build on Near.
    Going further we are looking to do more of that virtually and physically.
  • Yes, HealthGo app as an in-app non-custodial wallet. This wallet is a product of HealthGo, built by the team, and built for the purposes of payment of our service, deposit is made into the wallet using ramping technology built by the team, we are not using a third party wallet.
  • Our transaction are based on payment of Healthcare services and education services.
    All educational system are backed using smart contract that is to upload your course on the HealthGo educational portal, there are some incurred cost call gas fee, which goes to NEAR also for users who want to buy the course, after paying the cost of purchases in NEAR, they also pay gas fees which goes to NEAR. Same methodology is applied to paying for Healthcare consultation, gas fees are alloted to NEAR Blockchain from payment of HealthGO services.
  • To guarantee growth is the more reason we are requesting this marketing fund, But here is a breakdown of our growth without marketing funds or aid from Near
  1. 700 sign up which equivalent to 700 new wallets creation
  2. 25k+ wallet queries
  3. 20 weekly active users for healthcare
    This metrics here simply state clearly to us that some our users make uses of our wallet to send in and out NEAR and usdc token already listed on our platform.

  • YES, HealthGo is licensed Telehealth services provider in the region of operation which permit us to Contract hire healthcare provider or services agent to operate on the platform.
    Currently HealthGo house 22 healthcare professional with diversity in the following field:
  1. General practitioner
  2. Gynecologists’
  3. Dental technician
  4. Mental Health therapist
    Also HealthGO has partnered with Online pharmacist called PHARMARUN to offer delivery of medical product from our users to their location anywhere in Nigeria, also HealthGo has partnered with MYCHEKKER, a at-home diagnosis center who attend to diagnosing our users who orders an at-home test and laboratory service.
    Currently, the HealthGo app provides general healthcare services, we are looking to nich down to mental healthcare and sexual Healthcare services in Q2.


Thanks for your proposal,

At this stage, I am unable to support this proposal.

  • It is not clear to me that the proposal has the required connection to NEAR strategic goals. In reaching this conclusion I’ve been heavily influenced by the industry you operate in: healthcare users generally do not care (and should not care) about the tech stack used. What needs to be advertised is how your product solves a problem for a user.
  • In this context, content creation about NEAR seems more of a means to an end to access funding, and a distraction to the core team working on health services.
  • To expand on the above, the proposal uses some of the metrics that we care about (WAU and txs) in a way that seems at odds with the nature of the product and what good User Experience would look like.
  • I’ve looked at the Docs - there isn’t any mention about NEAR or the actual tech stack used.
  • I also note from the Documentation that the team plans to have a #HT token and raise money that way.

Best of luck on your journey. You are always welcome to submit a proposal in the future were circumstances to change.

Hi @satojandro,

I understand quite well, but to get it clear, is this still a review reply or a rejection reply?

Awaiting positive revert from you and the team.


Hi @Ricch.near
Sorry for me the metrics stated don’t add up. This project isn’t a Dapp. The claims on your website are inaccurate in terms of downloads and it’s unclear where 5000 wallets have been created for this project.

I cannot support this.

@Klint, can you identify where you say 5000 wallet has been created???

I never said so, I only said we have 700 wallet created already and with this marketing we are growing it to 5000 with 500 MAUs.

I don’t see all this as questioning is I should be sincere, but I see this as racism.

You literally funded a marketing proposal of who want to draw, but are skeptical about a product building a source of growth and revenue to the NEAR blockchain all because it’s a black man building it.

Wow this show how decentralized the marketing dao really is

Hi @Ricch.near i have thoroughly reviewed your proposal and noted your replies to fellow council. I am unable to support your proposal in its current form. Moving to Closed.

Ok seen it all.