[CLOSED] AfroStar Guild JULY Projects!

Hello @sterryo! May I ask, AfroStar only have 2 councils?

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What was the reason for increase in this payout even after a decrease in member in council :eyes:

And please check this out :arrow_down:

no no, that was mistake… thanks for reminding


no, @Kv9990 it wasnt a decrease in member of council,
she lost access to her FORUM account, and we are waiting for her to gain back.
but it seems she hasnt, and she created another one, re-introducing here

ive added the new account now anyways. thank you so much. Re-Introduction - DUCHESS


Can you clarify how working with these influencers can aid AfroStar with sustainability? What are the metrics for these collabs?

No, i’m not overquoting, i saw this post too, he was doing a promo for that day, and that price you see there looks almost free,

the likes on that post look small cos its not really a content. check the views of his content videos, you will see the numbers its doing

His regular price For only sharing and promoting content is $250.|
But he’s not just doing that for us, he’s creating content in which he himself and his crew is gonna appear in the content to be created for us, which will also be minted as NFT

He’s charging us for himself, his crew, the location to be used, and the video recording equipment choice which everything is going for $1000

This is example of the previous ones we did.

This is Comdian acapella with his comedy skit, making full representation of us.
2023 Nigerian Presidential Candidates

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Regarding the previous ones, please check and reply to this :arrow_down:

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yea, at the end, he talked about him declaring the content as NFTs which is only available on afrostar Guild mintbase store. t
he tagged US and mintbase… we gained followers on our IG, and we onboard to our telegram group from there… @Kv9990

He told us later that he cant talk about crypto on his page, but would talk about what will bring attention to the video and let people know about us, we did the rest of the job, by onboarding people that came to our instagram from there

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Thanks @kc_sollano in Africa, the first surest way to gain trust or validation for your products
Especially when it comes to investment is when Celebrities/influencers collaborate with you.
This automatically means to the audience that we are authentic and The influencers approves what ever we do, thats how it majorly works in africa, thats why its expensive to collaborate with these influencers, because they know the values it will bring to us.
and the more consistent we are with them. the better we be at the front for audience to think of first when it comes to investing in Music NFTs and arts

thats why we are afroSTAR.

for exmaple again, recently, DEBHUSH Got discovered in our guild through these Influencers

She got signed in a record label with 1 million naira monthly allowance


The RED part show the content we made for her after she got onboarded.
and as you can see, after that the next 2 pictures was announcement of her record deal.

and 1 copy of her NFT was also bought


Thanks for the clarification, @sterryo. Isn’t partnering with celebs/influencers a widely used marketing strategy? Can you help me identify the metrics for success with them? How many post per month, what is the expected reach for promoting AfroStar, etc…

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Thank You so much @kc_sollano

Metrics of success:

•We will Onboard all the creators working with each influencers which can be up to 14 in numbers, including the crew and video editors including

  • Create a skit or comedy content that must talk about NEAR and AfroStar Guild

•We get to mint the exclusive content created By each Influencers As NFT at the rate of 10 NEAR in 10 available edition

•When video is posted on their page, each post is expected to have 50k views and above

•From their post we are expecting to have more followers, visitors in our store and at the same time result in having 80-100 people to onboard including creators and investors.

Tagging @creativesdao-council for visibility

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reminding @creativesdao-council on our projects for this month @Monish016


hi NEAR family, every questions answered and confirmed concerning these proposals, kindly check us to go ahead with our plans to expand in all this month thank you @creativesdao-council


Hello there again! What are the age of the students in the campus that we are planning to onboard here?


Hello friend, our target is the University students age 18 to 35 upward.
@kc_sollano thank you

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right, we are to onboard 18 and above students sure @Kv9990 is referring to this, [Proposal] Afrostar Guild Recording Campus tour


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Hi @creativesdao-mod we thank you for your continual support of our projects, we will appreciate if we can be seen through for the sake of good timing to carry out our July activities. we love you :heart_hands:


Hello, team! Good day. Thank you for clarification on the questions however, the majority of creatives mods voted against this due to following reasons:

  1. The record label in which one of the AfroStar artists got signed into is non-existing upon research (both the company the people working on it).

  2. Overpricing of influencer collaborations

  3. Unclear distribution of fundings and council position

We request you to please change the next months proposal in line with the feedback shared and we’d be more than happy to review it again.


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Its existing okay?: SilvasRecord

We are not overpricing, you could basically DM the influencers IG page to confirm their official prices.

okikidft &

We have three councils… but its all good. :gift_heart:


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