Burrito Battle | Monthly Update November 2022

Burrito Battle is a project focused on NFT technology, which is receiving essential updates for its correct functioning. Welcome to the updates for the month of November 2022.

Initial Game Offering

  • To give the community the opportunity to be part of the development of Burrito Battle, we will start distributing Tokens ($STRW) and NFT (Burritos) so they can try the game.
  • The amount and form of distribution Tokens and NFTs was defined for the Ambassador Program, Early Adopters, IDO, liquidity fund, development team and DAO reserve.

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Ambassador Program

  • 120 burritos were assigned to the program.
  • Roles and activities were defined for the ambassadors.
  • Rewards were defined for the ambassadors, 500,000 $STRW per month for completing a minimum of 4 activities and one of the 120 burritos assigned to the program.

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Early Access

  • Started a closed beta of Burrito Battle on Mainnet to give the community a chance to get a burrito for free and get feedback about the game.

If you want to have early access to the game, register in the following form: Request Early Access - Burrito battle

Tutorial on the Game

  • Added tutorial explaining the basic functions necessary for the player understanding, these are how to select one burrito, how to start exploring the map, how PVE fights works, how to mint a new burrito, how to buy $STRW, how to participate in incursions and how to evolve your burrito.
  • Added a new tutorial button to the main menu.

AMA with NFT Club — AURORA

  • Participation of Burrito Battle in the NFT Club — AURORA AMA where the future of GameFi was discussed.

Burritos on the Open Web House

  • Stickers were delivered to participants of Open Web House by Open Web Academy in Puerto Vallarta

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Thanks for the update!

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Very cool! I’ll read it up and learn more about the game and the project :+1: