Bridge Working Group Update [2021-04-16]

The weekly Friday update from the Bridge Working Group:

This week, bridge team was focusing on multiple efforts.

First was solving the proof verification bug, the solution to which was merged and already deployed to the mainnet. This bug caused around 1% of the users to be unable to finalise their transfers. All the transfers were successfully finalised since then.

Second, we’ve designed the way how to bridge tokens into Aurora.

We’ve also been working on fixing the problem with Berlin hardfork (which resulted in 1h outage). We’ve merged the PR for optimising Ethereum-side of the bridge (soon to be deployed to the mainnet; the enhancement will reduce bridge maintenance costs). We’ve continued our work on eth-connector and also focused on the Aurora release preparations.

Next week, we are planning to prepare for the NEAR → ERC-20 connector deployment, work on NEP-141 bridging to Aurora implementation and finalise OKRs & Roadmap for Q2.

Find the full meeting notes on GitHub , and the video recording on YouTube :