Bridge Weekly update 2020-01-22

The update is also available here.


The video of the call is available here.

Status, current goal

Planned items:

  • Implementation of monitoring
  • Roadmap
  • Clearing up the current deployments
  • Hiring


  • Implementation of monitoring
  • Bug fixes
  • Hiring

Plans for the next week:

  • Roadmap
  • Creating design for the NEP-4(NEP-141) bridge to NERC-20
  • Re-starting deployments
  • Deploying UI

Weekly update

Alex Shevchenko

  • Working on OKRs (alignment with EVM team)
  • Hiring
  • Step-by-step guide - 30% <-- dependant on the deployments
  • ERC-20 -> NEP-4 (NEP-141) -> NERC-20 transitions architecture
  • Project management

Alex Skidanov

Marcelo Fornet

  • Monitoring finished, metrics can be collected, dashboards are created
  • Rinkeby sync speeding up, batched transaction sending
  • New bridges deployments started, hit an issue with ETH Client on NEAR (1st block sent, second is not able to land)
  • Out of gas on Ethereum block headers relaying transactions (increase in the number of validators). Split it into multiple steps?

Eugene Kapun

  • EthOnNearClient investigations on the abovementioned issue

Eugene Ukhanov

  • Investigation of NEAR Docs
  • Setting up the environment

Kirill Abramov

  • Onboarding
  • Setting up the environment

Chad Ostrowski

  • Finalising the FE for Ethereum -> NEAR transfer: the token dropdown
  • 80% of the code for NEAR -> Ethereum transfer is finished
  • Working on the rainbow-bridge-lib


  • Deployments:
    • NEAR MainNet <> Ethereum mainnet: stopped (issue with the gas limit). EoD today
    • NEAR TestNet <> Rinkeby: syncing (missing 4-5 days).
    • NEAR TestNet <> Ropsten: not deployed (issue with EthOnNearClient).
  • Pessimistic bridge:
    • Some projects have deployed fast withdrawals
  • Upgradability. What path to choose?